Sunday, June 22, 2014

Menu Plan: Summer (June 22-28)

**There is now a photo album on the RH Facebook page just for food photos. If you like to see a photo of a dish to judge whether you want to try it or not, then follow the link to view the album. (I tend to like recipes & cookbooks that include lots of photos). Let's be honest, some dishes are just too pretty to not take a picture! ;) **

  • I'm enjoying more leftovers for lunches nowadays. Some days I have a bit of extra time to cook a full meal for lunch. Other times, though, I'm more pressed for time and we end up doing breakfast for lunch at the last minute. (Plus, leftover lunches is also a great way to reduce expenses because I don't have to purchase as many meal ingredients).
  • Fridays has become pizza night in our home. But we're not talking the standard cheese and pepperoni pizzas. We try to find a new pizza recipe each week, and we've come up with some interesting ones over time! Last week we had caramelized onion and white bean pizza, and this week's selection will be black bean nacho pizza. It's fun to end the week with pizza (and it still be plenty nutritious!). 
  • There are some types of meals we include each week such as grill, sandwich, pasta, pizza, and brunch for lunch/dinner. I've noted these meals with [ ] in the menu plan below. I'm adding a new one- slow cooker/make ahead. It would be nice to have a meal ready to go on Sundays after church. The only problem is that I've not used my CrockPot for cooking meals. So, I need your help! What are your favorite slow-cooker or make-ahead meals?
  • We picked up the idea to have a pork shoulder cut into steaks from my sister in law. Season them up, and they taste similar to grilled steak (but more economical!). 


*Note: I include links to the recipes if they are available online. Some recipes are from cookbooks we have at home, and while I can't share the recipe I can direct you to the source. Other dishes or meals are created by myself or my husband, and we can do our best to explain how to recreate it. If you'd like additional information on any of the meals or our menu planning, then please feel free to contact me. :) 

- mixed berries green smoothie, toast with jam
- eggs, strawberries
- cereal, fresh juice

- leftovers 
- [baked potato] broccoli & cheese
- [sandwich] salmon salad
- Corn, black eye peas, tomatoes, cornbread, yellow squash etc. (pretty much a plate of seasonal vegetables. Reminds me of summer time at my Grandmoms!:) )
- repeat lasanga
- (next Sunday lunch) ???
- cheese fondue (leftover focaccia bread, broccoli, potatoes, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, apple)
- steak fajitas
- [pizza] black bean nacho pizza (I make a homemade whole wheat pizza crust each week)
- [grill] pork steaks (pork shoulder cut into steaks), sweet potato, asparagus
- [breakfast for dinner] asparagus and cheese souffle
- chicken enchiladas

- apple, yogurt
- carrots, (cheddar) cheese slices
- Chocolate apricot-almond bars

*Note: Reviving Homemaking is not affiliated with any of the sites or companies included in the links, and was not asked to include or recommend them or their recipes in this post. (I simply like what they have to offer!)

What's on your family's menu plan this week?

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