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 Reviving Homemaking?

     Reviving Homemaking encourages and inspires the heart for home and family through homemaking. Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • ·         Simple and economical living (one-income living, frugal ways, simplifying etc.)
  • ·         Food (selecting and preparing various types, recipes, menu planning etc).
  • ·         Kitchen skills/tips (essential tools, knife skills, cooking techniques etc.)
  • ·         Home Organization (small space living, storage solutions, function + style etc)
  • ·         Personal Organization (routines, planning etc)
  • ·         Clothing (sewing, modesty, outfit ideas etc)
  • ·         Sewing (needlework, pattern construction etc)
  • ·         Marriage and family (tips for building strong home, family, and marriage)
  • ·         Cleaning (homemade products, management etc)
  • ·         Christian faith

     Reviving Homemaking has received over 40,000 pageviews, and currently has over 470 followers. This provides an excellent exposure opportunity for your post and/or website!

Guidelines for Guest Posts:
  • Post must be 250-500 words in length
  • Include at least one image that you have the rights to publish. This means that you either 1) took the photo yourself or 2) used an image from a site which offers a copyright release. Image source must be included, and appropriate use will be verified.
  • Contain no affiliate links (they will be removed if included)
  • Please include a short (150 character) biography about yourself and/or your website. Within this bio include a 125x125 image of yourself or your website logo. 
  • This site strives to demonstrate positivity and encouragement, and therefore submitted posts that are overtly polarizing or spark strong debate or hostility will not be published.

Reviving Homemaking retains the right to refuse to publish or request edits by the author if the content does not meet the aforementioned criteria.

To be considered as a guest poster on Reviving Homemaking, please submit your post to:
revivinghomemakingblog (at) yahoo (dot) com

Thank you for your interest in Reviving Homemaking! :)

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  1. Tennyson is a precious gift from God! I work with Jennifer at the bank. She is one thrilled grandmother. Her love for you, David and Tennyson spill over every time we talk about you three. Watching her pack the box of gifts for Tennyson was just so special. Your picture holding Tennyson is her screensaver. I pray you will be able to take Tennyson home soon so the three of you can get into a family routine. There is nothing like family.
    Take care
    Connie Carter


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