Saturday, January 26, 2013

Favorite Green Smoothie

    I typically reserve smoothies for the warmer weather days, but this particular green smoothie is so good that it's worth drinking despite the freezing cold winter weather. Smoothies are a fantastic snack or at times breakfast option for something quick and packed with nutrients. 

Favorite Green Smoothie:

1/2 c. yogurt *
1 banana
2/3 c. almond milk
1 T. peanut butter
1 T. flaxseed meal
1 t. honey
6 greens cubes**
2-3 drops vanilla extract

Combine all ingredients into the blender and blend until everything is well incorporated. Enjoy!

* Make your own yogurt! The process is simple and is more economical than buying it. 

** I like to keep my greens frozen and ready to go in the freezer. I place a bag of greens into the blender, and then add enough water for them to come together well. Then, pour into two ice cube trays and freeze. Each smoothie will use about six cubes. This way I always have greens ready to go, since they're frozen I don't need to add ice cubes which eventually waters down the drink, and they incorporate better into the smoothie since they've already been broken down once before. 

For easy clean up, add some water and a tiny squirt of dish soap to your blender. Turn it on and it will clean itself. This is so much easier than trying to clean by hand around the crazy sharp blade piece. 


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  1. Great idea with the green ice cubes! I will have to try that next time spinach is on sale. :)


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