Creating homemade goods for the home embodies nearly all focal points of the definition of homemaking here at Reviving Homemaking. 

Homemaking is the art and science of creating and maintaining the home to be a pleasant and productive environment for the glory of God.

    A homemade product is certainly a science as it is important to understand the components and reactions necessary to achieve the desired result. For instance, vinegar and baking soda are excellent cleaners, but yet even more effective when you understand the acid/base approach to the  substance needing cleaning. 
      Homemade is also a tremendous aid for increasing productivity. A productive home is one in which finances are handled wisely and the space is maintained simply for optimal work. Multiple single use/purpose products can really take up a lot of space in the home. Furthermore, the frequent purchase (and in excess at that) decreases the funds available to allocate to more appropriate locations. Instead, opt for stocking the kitchen pantry/cleaning closet with basic components that can be used to create products for a variety of needs. 

The following are links to some of the homemade products/foods I use in our home:


*Au Gratin Potatoes (simply place some bread in the blender to create bread crumbs instead of purchasing)


*Homemade whole wheat crackers (like Wheat Thins brand)- Tip: If you have a silicone mat, then I recommend rolling out the dough, cutting the shape, and then baking directly on it. From my experience in cracker making, transferring the dough from one surface to the baking sheet causes them to lose their shape and creates a mess of the process itself. It's much much simpler to just do everything on the one mat since it can withstand the oven temperatures as well. :)

*Apple Cider

*Pumpkin Pie with Whole Wheat Crust & topped with Whipped Cream- Tip: Be sure to chill your bowl and whisk prior to use for the whipped cream to come together properly. :)

Check back often because recipes are continuously being added! :)

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