Some of my favorite moments are those spent in the quiet delight of a good book. Moments such as sitting outside while the warm glow of the sun falls beneath the horizon painting the sky in majestic hues. Or, wrapping a beautifully hand-sewn quilt around myself while sipping on delicious hot cocoa on cool days. And strange as it may sound, I also delight in the cloudy days when rain steadily falls issuing a stillness all around.
       Reading is also an excellent means of education and encouragement! Knowledge acquisition is not bound to the brick and mortar of a school building. It is contained in the willingness to seek and grow. Lastly, there is so much wisdom in the words of others! Foolishness is found in the assumption of innately possessing all the knowledge or skills there is to gain.
       The following is a short list of books I have either read or wish to read this year. I hope to create a new list for the coming year, and continue to seek and grow through reading. I'm always interested in recommendations! :)

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Love and Respect
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  1. I love book suggestions and especially love how you rate them here. I am going to look into the Home Economics book - looks great!

    1. I love books and always enjoy sharing a good read with others. The Home Economics book is one of my favorites! :)


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