Sunday, April 28, 2013

Menu Plan: Spring (Apr. 28- May 4)

  • All our meats this week are ones we already have stored in the freezer, and so our grocery trip only involved produce and dairy items. Our freezer stock is beginning to run low, and so we'll keep an eye out for sales to begin stocking up once again. Purchasing expensive grocery items like meat in large quantites when it's on sale is a great way to stay in budget. 
Granola cereal, banana 
- Yogurt parfait (homemade yogurt + frozen mixed berries + homemade granola)

- Salmon cakes, peas
- Beef stroganoff  (I just use ground beef)
Spinach & leek pie (thanks for the suggestion Dawn L.!) (We didn't get to this one last week)
- Southwest salad (greens, tomatoes, corn, cranberries, raisins, tortilla chip pieces with southwestern ranch dressing- I go easy on the hot components though)

- Roast duck breast, mashed potatoes, glazed carrots (hubby's night to cook!)
- Duck stew, dandelion greens (hubby's other meal creation)
- Repeat beef stroganoff
- Greek salad pita sandwiches

-celery with peanut butter
-fruit: oranges, bananas, apples, oranges,
-cheese slices
-yogurt & strawberries
- Amish friendship bread

*Note: Reviving Homemaking is not affiliated with any of the sites or companies included in the links, and was not asked to include or recommend them or their recipes in this post. (I simply like what they have to offer!)

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