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March In Our Home

            March  2013
{These posts may be suited more for my own memories or for family who live states away, but perhaps others may find them interesting as well. :) }

      March has been a busy month! It has not been busy in terms of scheduled activities, but in preparing for things to come. Fortunately, we've had several snow days that have permitted quiet days for getting some tasks accomplished.

      I'm still enjoying the snow, even if it did trail into springtime. I figured that the season would eventually change into spring, and so until then I'll make the most of the current season. We had a pretty six-inch snowfall early in the month that we thought might be our last for the season. (We were wrong! We now know that snow can last beyond the first day of spring here. haha). We decided to make a trip to the grocery the night before to pick up a snow day essential- sweetened condensed milk. I had never had Snow Cream before, and was rather excited to utilize this "last" snow to make some. Oh my, ridiculously sweet but tasty! I think it may be an annual activity.

         We also enjoyed our first time snow tubing! There is a ski resort not too far from our home. Perhaps in the future we'll venture into the other areas of the resort, but for now we really had fun snow tubing. David played it cool as always and went along as if that was just the norm in life. I, on the other hand, was a little more obvious in being new to massive amounts of snow on the ground. I fell twice before even getting my tube and gave myself a bit of a bruised knot on my head! Graceful or coordinated does not describe me in the least. It didn't take long though for me to get the hang at ...walking and I had a blast. I'm so glad we were able to go and meet some new friends in the group we were with for the trip!

        As far as the everyday happenings in our home, we're still enjoying the little moments in life. We both love to cook and try new foods and recipes. When I looked back over some of the photos to include in this post, I had to laugh at how many were of meals we've made! Cooking and sharing meals together is one of my favorite "family time" moments. The kitchen is definitely a good place to build teamwork!

      We've also been enjoying our individual hobbies, which is something we never could do previously while on night shift. David has talked about refinishing his drum set since I can remember. He has spent evenings removing the plastic shells, sanding and staining the wood. I think they look fantastic! I love getting to see him do things he enjoys again. A happy husband makes a happy wife! A happy wife also makes a happy husband! I've been spending some time reading, researching and writing for an ebook I have planned to release in July. I'm really excited about this project! (I hope you will be too!).
      The last few weeks of the month were focused on preparing for things to come. We decided to start a small group within our church. We looked around at the small groups available, and noticed that there were none for our age group. (The same age group isn't essential for friendships, but it's nice to have a group of individuals who are in your same or similar season of life). So, we prayerfully decided to create one. We've named the group "Disciples' Walk" and desire for it to serve as a means of sharing life and faith together. We want it to be a place to share and encourage one another in seeking God in all aspects of life. In other words, bring Jesus and faith outside of church doors and into everyday life. In the meanwhile, a strong community of friendship is built that will not only serve ourselves but also strive to serve others. We were certainly nervous about such a venture (after all, we're new to the area and are both introverts), but we felt that God had laid it on our hearts to bridge the gap. It is a walk in faith for us and hopefully everyone else involved. 

     Last, we took a few days to travel back to visit with my family and our friends in the area. Busy is an understatement for our time there. We essentially filled every lunch or dinner opportunity with meeting with friends. If a lunch or dinner wasn't available, then we went for coffee. We arrived back home at 2am on Thursday and absolutely crashed. Friday wasn't exceptionally productive as we were in need of some rest. Despite the exhaustion and expense of the trip, it was worth every bit to get to visit with some many friends and family! We have been blessed with some wonderful people in our lives! We have yet to take a vacation trip or travel to other countries, but honestly, I feel like saving our time and money for trips to visit with family and friends is just as valuable of expenditure of our time and money. We don't get to see everyone frequently, and so I'm glad we do put our priority and resources towards trips like this. As the wall art hanging in our living room says: "If we have family, then we have everything!"

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  1. Sounds like March was a most productive month! I visited from Teach Me Tues. Blessings!


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