Thursday, April 18, 2013

Where To Find Hard-To-Find Clothing Pieces

     Shopping, especially clothes shopping, is not exactly on my hobby list. It doesn't take long during a shopping trip before I'm frustrated and ready to go back home. Satisfying the conditions of fit and style (which include my personal modesty standards) is a struggle. Fortunately, through the years I've found some great online resources for finding those hard-to-find pieces of clothing. Everyone has her own style and standards, but if yours overlaps minet then below is a list of locations I've come to rely on in purchasing needed clothing items.

     Junees is my go-to place for skirts, especially long denim skirts for colder months. They have a large selection of styles, lengths and colors. I've been able to order easily without any size guessing. 

     Apricot Apparel has been a great place to find layering tops. I prefer to have a higher neckline than conventions store carry, and can achieve that goal with a layering top. They carry the largest selection of colors and styles that I've been able to find. All tops have a higher neckline and a longer torso. The styles available include 3/4 length sleeve, cap sleeve, tank, and cami. Layering with a piece underneath definitely makes purchasing from conventional store easier. 

     What I love about eShakti is that you can customize your item. Depending on the style you can determine the length, neckline style and sleeve length/style. The styles available are classic, feminine and just gorgeous. (Customization on some items does require an additional fee). 

      ModCloth is another great place to find some fun dresses (they have other items, but this is all I've purchased from there so far). I love that one of the sorting options when browsing is "longer lengths." If you're even slightly tall, then this is definitely a welcomed feature to be offered. Similar to eShakti, ModCloth is a good place to find some nice classics. 

Other Shopping Tips:
      I'm a sale shopper. I keep an eye out for what items these shops have on sale, and wait to purchase until the item is within my price range. 

      Lastly, when we lived closer to a large city, we would take a shopping trip just for the thrift stores. Larger cities have the nice brand name stores, and in turn, the thrift shops will have these brands as well. Brand names aren't everything (because they make over-priced and cheaply constructed items as well), but I have found a few that are in fact a better quality. The quality is what I'm going for anyways. We're no longer in or near a large city, and so I've discovered eBay to be a great alternative for finding the same pieces. I rather enjoy typing in the exact perimeters of the item I'm looking for and the site doing all the searching instead of me. I've come to know what brands fit me best and will look for those in particular. I think this is the key to shopping online for clothing pieces.

     I hope this little list helps if you're stuck trying to find pieces of clothing that conventional stores are just not going to carry. It's all matter of discovering what options are available whether they be in a physical store or an online store. If you have any suggestions of places you shop, then please leave a comment below for myself and other readers! Thanks!

*Note: Reviving Homemaking is not an affiliate of Junees, Apricot Apparel, eShakti, ModCloth, or ebay. As such, Reviving Homemaking does not receive any compensation in any form for the above recommendations.. The opinions shared are entirely my own and have not been influenced or solicited in any particular direction in any manner. (I simply enjoy their products and wanted to share them with you!)

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