Thursday, April 25, 2013

DIY Table Centerpiece

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      Welcome to the third post of the "DIY Dining Room Decor" series! Over the course of this week I'll be sharing five easy and budget-friendly projects to add to the organization, function and style of the dining room. The last post we focused on organization with the creation of a menu board to hang in the dining room or kitchen wall. The second post provided a tutorial for creating your own tablecloth from a (new) sheet.Today we're still working with the table top by adding a DIY centerpiece. 

     I wanted something simple and natural as a centerpiece for my table. I didn't want anything too elaborate as removing and replacing it between meals would be less than desirable. I also wanted something that could be used all year, regardless of the season. Lastly, the project needed to be cost effective. I enjoy decorating my home, but I also enjoy saving money in the meanwhile. Thanks to Pinterest, I found some wonderful inspirations (see links at bottom of post). These particular centerpieces used dried foods and candles within vases. I love the use of food as part of decoration in the dining room or kitchen!

       The materials needed include: three vases of two different sizes, three candles of two different sizes, two bags of split peas and two bags of lentils. I looked every time we were at any store with clear vases for some that were in my price range. Eventually, I found some on clearance! The remaining supplies were purchased at regular price, but their cost was low. I really like the contrast of the green split peas against the dark gray tablecloth. I also liked the idea of the brown and green creating an earthy effect. For an extra touch, I could (and may do so later) add some twine or slim strip of burlap around the vases. I'm undecided about it and so, for now I'm going to leave them plain (simplicity was one of my goals anyways). 

       So, so far we've decorated the dining room with a menu board, tablecloth, and now table centerpiece. I hope you can see how decorating can be accomplished without a great deal of dependence on prefab store purchases or expense. Even the decorating aspect of homemaking can be a reality based on how it's approached. The next post in the series we will take a DIY approach yet again for some fun placemats for the table!. 

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  1. I have a vase exactly like what you've used in your picture that is currently not being used so I'm excited to give this a try.
    My DIL shares some great advise on her column featured on my blog {Needs Over Wants}...hope you don't mind me sharing a link.


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