Sunday, November 27, 2011

Beautiful Spirit

         I don’t know her story. I don’t know the events that would make my perspective different from those who are one step closer to her. However, I do know this- she has the most beautiful spirit I have ever encountered. Though without details I’m certain she has experienced hardships in life, and yet upon her countenance is peace. She is without the all too common burdens most of us drag along in life that harden our hearts. I imagine that is entirely due to her trust in the Lord and reliance on Him to be the one able to carry her burdens. Her faith is touching, and whether believer or not you are sure to well up with tears when she her heart spills out in prayer to a God so real and dear to her heart.  No one is a stranger in her home or family. Regardless of whom the person is or where he/she has been, her door is open and arms wide waiting the moment they may be entered and her love and grace shown. I imagine that to also be attributed to her faith in the One who graciously accepts us for who we are. It goes without saying I admire her greatly.

           And so, I dare to expose my heart and in her admiration I find comfort. We discuss lines and clips utilized for drying plastic baggies, and acknowledge our awareness that we could simply buy more but instead we choose to reuse that which we already have.  We stand at the kitchen counter peering over at a dessert and talk of techniques of shaping pie crusts. In her loving eyes and gentle voice is conveyed her joy and pride at seeing lost arts come back to life. There is an acceptance and encouragement unfounded elsewhere, and in complete honesty I couldn’t imagine wanting it from anyone more than her. Such simple moments, but they are ones that I will always hold dear. To her, my heart for home and family is not silly but beautiful. In her response to my desire for homemaking I am confirmed that therein, indeed, lies something truly significant. I sense her support of me to continue to learn and grow in this area, as well as her shared assurance that the Lord is trustworthy. It goes without saying I admire my Grandmom greatly.


  1. I had an Oma that sounds just like yours! Enjoy every moment you get to spend with her; one day you'll want to ask her something and she won't be there.

  2. Awww - what a sweet tribute to your grandma! I read this with tears in my eyes because I'm facing the loss of my grandma who reminds me so much of this. She has truly been at the heart of our family, and that is such a blessing. You're so blessed to have a grandma with a heart for home and family like yours.


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