Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Book Series: Women Living Well - Chapter 9

The "Completing Him" Marriage Challenge:
Week 1

Genesis 2:
24 For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

We chose to have this particular verse read during our wedding ceremony (along with a few others). Although we still love and respect our parents, my husband and I are now a separate family unit. When we were single, we only had ourselves to think about. Marriage joined our separate lives.

Before we got married, my husband and I spent long hours talking about our hopes and dreams for the future. Since we were planning to marry, it was essential our goals were of the same mindset. I love how the Christian Post expands on this: "It is important to know that when you get married you need to act differently than a single person. Everything that you do will not just affect yourself but also your spouse because you are one. When you are a single person, you can have your own goals, ambitions, visions, etc. When you get married, you need to mesh those visions and goals with the visions and goals of your spouse. Now you need to have a vision for you as a couple, and not just as an individual."

My husband and I lived on our own for many years, with a couple years without a roommate. We were both very excited when we met, fell in love, and decided to join our lives together. Marriage has required a lot of sacrifice. We were both used to spending our free time exactly how we wanted and spending our extra money on our own interests and pursuits; now we had to learn to consider our spouse in the areas of time and finances. It has certainly been a learning experience, but a vital part to joining our lives together.

"Mariage is not 50-50, divorce is 50-50. Marriage has to be 100-100. It isn't dividing everything in half, but giving everything you've got" (Dave Willis). So true! We are not competing with our spouse. We must serve our spouse; giving without respecting something in return. Marriage is teaching me so much about becoming a better follower of Christ, as well. This is how we are to live our lives as Christians; serving and giving to others without expecting to receive anything in return.

Which of the following areas of this week’s challenge did you find the easiest? Put a star before it and afterwards write why. Also, which did you find the most difficult? Circle it and afterwards tell why.

1. Captivate Your Husband 
2. Remember Your Marriage Vows 
3. Pray for Your Husband 
4. Admire Your Husband 
5. Communicate With Your Husband About Your Priorities

Using the answer to the previous question, spend time thanking God for the area that comes most natural to you. Also, ask Him to give you the grace and strength to work on the area that is most challenging of the challenge!

In Christ,

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