Monday, July 7, 2014

Book Series: Women Living Well - Chapter 11

My Mom

I was blessed to be raised by a Christian mom. She gave up her career to stay at home with my brother and I. There was a lot of sacrifice involved in giving up her career as a nurse, as well as the financial sacrifices she made in order to stay at home with us. She spent a lot of quality time with us, taking us to story hour at the library, reading books to us, and getting together with other stay-at-home moms and their kids.

She made sure we went to Sunday school and church every Sunday morning until we graduated from high school. She was very generous with her time and resources. Not only did she do a lot for others in our community and church, but she took us along and taught us the value of sharing Christ's love with others. My mom has always had a really close walk with Christ. She spends time each morning in God's word and in prayer. She always encouraged us growing up to develop a personal relationship with Christ and establish our own quiet times.

I am not yet a mother, but Lord-willing hope to be in the near future. When I reflect on the concept of children being like sponges, it causes me to examine my life more closely. What does my faith and attitude look like when life doesn't go as I had originally hoped and planned? This has been a year of transition and a testing of my faith, attitude, and patience. Patience is not a virtue which comes easily to me, and definitely an area I need to further develop in my character. I most certainly do not want to raise impatient children. Now is the time for me to continue growing in my faith and becoming a woman who can model Christ to my children and raise them to love him, too.

Psalm 145:
4 One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts. 5 They will speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty, and I will meditate on your wonderful works. 6 They will tell of the power of your awesome works, and I will proclaim your great deeds. 7 They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness.

As a future mom, it is my responsibility to pass on my faith to my children In order for this to happen, I must live a life of thankfulness for God's grace and goodness which is clearly evident in all aspects of my life. I must not only show Christ's love to others, but I must share the good news. Sharing Christ with others has always been challenging for me. I have never been terribly extroverted so sharing the gospel with others is often hard, and definitely an area of my Christian walk where there is room for growth. I want my children to not only accept God's love and salvation, but to willingly share it with others.

God has always been faithful in my life. Even when my faith is lacking, He shows up anyway. Just when I think something will never come to pass, God always comes through. I have lost my job several times in the past few years, have had to move to two different parts of Kentucky on my own, and am in the process of changing directions away from teaching and into something else (yet to be determined). God has always provided both financially and in opening the door to my next job when the timing was right. I always pray for all the doors to close except for the one I am supposed to walk through. This year has meant a lot of time without a job, but has allowed me to spend time with my new husband and develop my homemaking skills, as well as spend more time serving God in our community. Whatever job I accept, it must be something where it allows me to not neglect my husband, our home, or our future children. This was modeled for me in the way I was raised, and in how my mom put our family and home first in her own life.

Will you make a commitment to put telling and showing your children about the many glorious characteristics of God higher up on your list of priorities? Write a prayer out here telling God so. Then, make it happen. He IS glorious and our kids need to know!

In Christ,

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