Monday, July 28, 2014

Book Series: Women Living Well - Chapter 18

Routines That Bring Rest

    One challenge of motherhood that I've encountered has been finding balance in getting everything done in a day. Initially, I felt as though it was an either/or situation- either I'm fully attentive to my child or I'm fully attentive to my housework. In the end, both remained lacking. Instead, I needed to get organized! I began to adopt a routine or schedule to be a guide for each day. We rarely follow it precisely, but at least I know what goals are realistic and how to achieve them!

     A good schedule provides a time for the most important areas or tasks for the day. By listing out those areas or tasks as well as the time in day, it is easy to see when I might be taking on more than I can realistically accomplish. (Thus the closure aspects of Reviving Homemaking and significantly downsized presence on the blog). A schedule allows for all activities to be assigned to an appropriate time of the day, and thereby increases the likelihood of accomplishment. 

    I believe a strong schedule or routines for the day is healthy for a child. It establishes predictability and expectation for them. Activities can be anticipated and transitioned into instead of spontaneous. A schedule/ daily routines are also helpful for heading off known meltdown triggers. For instance, over-tired is a huge meltdown trigger for myself and Tennyson. Neither one of us tolerate this state very well. So, it's important we create adequate opportunities for rest.  Also, it's a great tool for teaching self-discipline, a skill which will serve a child well into adulthood.

    In general, a schedule/routine calms the chaos, mess and stress. Without it, I feel like I'm conducting the day always two steps behind. I'd much rather be proactive than reactive! When I am proactive and everything is accounted for, then I am able to relax more during family time with my husband and child. There's no lingering "to-do" list to distract me. If there's something I didn't get to today, then I know that that area is already planned and accounted for the next day. 

"The more I practice the schedule, the less it is a schedule ruled by the clock and the more it simply becomes a routine or rhythm in our home (p. 184)"
      Establishing a schedule/routines for the day is all about accounting for everything in the day and allotting appropriate time. In the end is a smoother day and happier home. 

*Note: Reviving Homemaking is not an affiliate of or the publishing companies (Thomas Nelson & HarperCollins Christian Publishing). No compensation has been received by either of these entities for the review of the book. All opinions are my own. 


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