Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cleaning Routine

     At one time, my husband and I both worked outside the home. We had an agreement that if we were both to be responsible for bringing in an income, then we would both be responsible for also keeping up with the housework. The understaning was for each of us to be capable and responsible of taking care of any household task. In order to make this work, we had to discuss our expectations. One of the causes for frustrations when it comes to all persons contributing to the management of the home is that each person will have a different perspective and expectation. Therefore, it becomes necessary to discuss the various standards and even make a list or timetable. A useful way to display the tasks/routine is to slip the list/routine into a frame and then use a dry erase marker to assign or mark off tasks. This way complete or incomplete tasks can be communicated with everyone else in the home. It also would keep each person accountable for pulling his/her share within the home. Expressing expectations for everyone keeps frustrations low and progress high. 

     Since making the move to full-time homemaking for myself we no longer share the household tasks like previously done. He is now solely responsible for bringing in an income and I have the responsibly of managing our home. I do not mind taking on all the cleaning and management one bit. In fact, there is a joy in working towards making our home comfortable and pleasant place for us and any guests we may have! (This perspective is key to decreasing the drudgery of housework!).

     Family time is my absolute favorite in life! I'm a bit selfish with it too because I do not want to trade family (or hospitality) time for something like cleaning. Therefore, I try to accomplish all my tasks to be completed while he's at work (I work while he works!). We then have our evenings and weekends to focus on each other or on friends. This can only be accomplished if I resolve to tackle a few tasks each day. 

     I enjoy using a list or routine because I've learned the value of maintaining cleanliness versus having one massive cleaning session. Cleaning a little bit each day also makes the job much easier, and decreases the reliance on harsh chemicals. When the task is left undone regularly, filth begins to grow and the harsh chemicals and hard scrubbing then becomes necessary. Yuck! I much more prefer to use more natural cleaners and less hard scrubbing, and that can only be done with regular maintenance. 

     The following is my list/routine I use as a guide. I rarely abide by it perfectly. The goal of any organizational tool isn't the achievement of perfection, but the simple action of progress. A clean home is lovely, but what is most important is the meaningfulness that is created within it's walls.

Download Cleaning Routine

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