Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pinterest Project: Outfit Inspiration

      I love Pinterest! I enjoy finding so many creative ideas and saving them in one easily accessible place. I wonder, though at what point does it turn into electronic hoarding?  How much of it am I actually putting into practice and how much am I just collecting? Well, I've decided that it's time I push aside my e-hoarding tendencies to begin implementing projects inspired by Pinterest. (Link to follow me on Pinterest below).

     My first project is an outfit inspiration. Thank goodness for a Pinterest Style board because a fashionista I am not. I seem to lack the ability to coordinate and pair pieces together to look like an ensemble. Instead, my "style" gets stuck at basic bottom + basic top. Fortunately, there are style-mavens on Pinterest who seem to get the outfit idea and pin them. When it comes to taking inspiration for an outfit from the site, my goal is not to replicate each piece of the look but more so to capture the idea. I also aim to achieve the look in an affordable manner and maintain a simplistic/minimalist life approach. In other words, no fancy high priced items or new shoes, purse, jacket etc with every outfit. So, for this outfit project I chose the following gray and green combination pictured below:

casual dresses
     I already had several pieces, and so I only picked up a few accessories (these are the elements I tend to leave off but really make an impact). I skipped the gray shoes and green handbag because those items are pricey and very specific in purpose. I did a gray and white stripped sock instead. I also skipped the green nail polish because I have my doubts of inexpensive polish that can stand up to the demands of housework. For the earrings, I chose a leaf dangle instead of the chandelier. I rather like the leaf pair better. Even with all the changes I made, I feel like I came pretty close to the idea of the inspiration picture while still making it affordable and personalized. 
*Scarf- picked it up at a fun little shop in an airport during our last trip / Gray sweater- Khols (years ago) / Denim skirtJunees / White long sleeve tee, Earrings & Socks- Target

    I'm already excited to determine and work on the next project inspired by Pinterest! There are so many to choose from, but whatever the project will be I'm sure it will be as fun as this one was to complete! If you would like to follow along, then simply select the button below: 
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Do you have Pinterest? What projects have you completed that were inspired by a Pinterest Pin? 

*Note: Reviving Homemaking is not an affiliate of Khols, Junees or Target. No arrangement or compensation was received by Reviving Homemaking from any of these retailers in exchange for the product listing on this site. Product listing is the sole opinion of Reviving Homemaking and has been shared based on personal use and satisfaction. 

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