Friday, October 19, 2012

The Pizza Hut Girl (Part 4)

    I'm so excited to share with you a guest post by my dear friend, Katie. Katie and I lived down the hall from one another in college, and we continue to keep in touch now years later. Her energy and joyfulness is contagious to all around her. She is not only an incredible singer, but also writer. 
     Her posts on her blog, Poca Luz, and Facebook page are always so wise and encouraging. She has generously written a wonderful post to be shared on Reviving Homemaking. The post will be shared over the course of four installments, so be sure to check back daily to read them all. Trust me, you're in for a treat!

    P.S. Her husband is a part of the awesome music group, The CO. You can find out more on them through their webpage and Facebook fan page 

Guest post by Katie Ro Brace

          We stopped at a Pizza Hut on the way home in a small little town right off the highway.  We were exhausted and hungry and Pizza Hut seemed to be one of the only choices in this neck of the woods.  As we sat down in the squeaky booth seats, a sweet young woman, about my age, greeted us as our waitress.   Fear slowly seeped more into my brain as I chocked down a slice of pepperoni pizza.  "I'm a joke."  I thought to myself.  Our waitress came back by with refills of our drinks.  Her face shined with joy as she served us bubbling fountain sodas in red plastic cups.  I kept thinking about the failure I felt and soon enough we hopped back in the car.  
In the midst of pitty party I felt God nudge my heart.  "Katie, do you remember that girl at the Pizza Hut?"
Struck by the question I really began to listen to what God was trying to tell me.   I remember how pretty she was, not because of her looks specifically, but I remembered her beautiful heart and attitude.  "What makes that beautiful young woman any less than an American Idol superstar Katie?"  My mind came to a crossroads.  All my answers seemed shallow and meaningless.  "I look at the heart, Katie."  It all hit me like a freight train.  I remember crying so hard as we continued back to Nashville in the dark of night.  My family thought I was crying about the audition but I was crying at the lesson God has taught me that day.

It still remains one of the most important lessons I have ever learned.

You, my friend, who are reading this, please hear this if you don't hear anything else from me.

You are worth something.  You may think that what you do isn't enough, but let me tell you, all that doesn't matter.  God looks at our hearts.  If we are singing on a stage, rocking a baby, filing a report, washing the dishes, or serving people at Pizza Hut, we have the opportunity to shine just how Jesus intended us.  It's all about our heart, our attitude and our willingingness to serve a Savior who loves us and to love on a world that is full of hurting people.  Our purpose is right in front of us, right now.  It's not on it's way through some sign, or contest, or a discovering of a talent, or some sudden success, or a promotion or becoming famous.

Where has God placed you?

How can you use what God has uniquely gifted you with, to help and encourage others?

You are more than what you've been told you are to be.  And social position isn't what defines you.

And if you're embarrassed of past failures and mistakes, know that it makes your story that much more beautiful and valuable to others!  It took me three years to get up the guts to share my story.

Don't be afraid.  You are enough.  You have a reason to live.  Let your heart shine for all to see!

Katie Ro Brace

Singer | Songwriter | Musician


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