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The Pizza Hut Girl (Part 2)

    I'm so excited to share with you a guest post by my dear friend, Katie. Katie and I lived down the hall from one another in college, and we continue to keep in touch now years later. Her energy and joyfulness is contagious to all around her. She is not only an incredible singer, but also writer. 
     Her posts on her blog, Poca Luz, and Facebook page are always so wise and encouraging. She has generously written a wonderful post to be shared on Reviving Homemaking. The post will be shared over the course of four installments, so be sure to check back daily to read them all. Trust me, you're in for a treat!

    P.S. Her husband is a part of the awesome music group, The CO. You can find out more on them through their webpage and Facebook fan page 

Guest post by Katie B. 

     So there I was, like a helicopter spotlight shining on me in a frozen stance.  Everything at once at lined up for me to go audition and after praying about it I knew in my heart God wanted me to follow His lead on this scary quest.  So I went and long story short I made it through 4 auditions in two separate months, sang 12 songs, and made it through from 12,000 people to 40 at the auditions in Louisville, KY.  I knew God wanted me to be there but I didn't think he'd take me as far as He did.  So the day came when I had to be in front of the "frightening four:" Paula, Simon, Kara, and Randy.  I was in the bathroom beforehand tossing my cookies because of the complete fear I felt.  I was a WRECK.  I wanted to leave but I wanted to follow through on what I knew God wanted me to do.  Don't ever ask me to play truth or dare because I'm an open book and I will follow-through on any dare!  The song I selected spoke the message I wanted to share with the world if I got on air.  It was the words of One Republic's song, "Come Home."  It's about a solider coming home from war.  I wanted to sing it to the millions of viewers watching that a loving God wants us to come home to Him and that He has such compassion and that whoever was listening could know they were not alone.  In my third audition I went in front of the head producers of the show and they recommended I not sing "Come Home."  The next day I had to go in front of "the four" and I was struggling at what to do next.  I knew that my purpose for making it this far was to do what I set out to do.  To sing the truth to a hurting world, but I was scared of being humiliated.  My husband and parents were with me.  That night my husband Collin said to me, "Katie, I've been praying for you and I think God really wants you to sing that song and follow what He asked you to do."  

     So there I was, standing in front of the four with bright lights in my face and a room full of people with headsets and laptops.  After some chatter and random questions from the judges, such as being asked if I was the "greatest singer in the world (oh brother...)," I knew this moment would be a very bumpy part in the roller-coaster ride.  Before I knew it, it was time to sing and I stuck to my guns and I sang the song I knew God wanted me to.  I prayed and sang it with all my heart.  Singing out every lyric like I would at church to a group of hurting people that needed hope.  I was cut off and what happened next came at me like a freight train.  I wish I could put a pretty bow on it, but I feel that if I did I would ruin the value of the story I have to share.  After they stopped me I was then taunted, made fun of and ridiculed.  Similar to a chubby kid in the lunch room getting hamburgers and mean names thrown at them.  I just wanted to leave but I stood there and took it.  There are a lot of details but for times sake I'll tell you some of the names I was called, "A Christmas Caroler," "Doris Day (I'll take that one!)," "Eggnog (I mean, it is very delicious!)," "Minnie Mouse," and that I "could only sing one style."  I didn't really react, I felt as if I was almost in another world.  I remember looking over to this table that was in the audition room that was filled with several people with headsets and laptops staring at my every move.  In the midst of my ridicule a woman at that table caught my eye, she was crying and shaking her head as she looked at me.  I'll never forget that.  I wasn't even realizing how bad it was until that lady's reaction gave me a proper gauge on the situation.  

Check back tomorrow, 10/18/12, for Part 3!

Katie Ro B.

Singer | Songwriter | Musician

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