Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Pizza Hut Girl (Part 3)

    I'm so excited to share with you a guest post by my dear friend, Katie. Katie and I lived down the hall from one another in college, and we continue to keep in touch now years later. Her energy and joyfulness is contagious to all around her. She is not only an incredible singer, but also writer. 
     Her posts on her blog, Poca Luz, and Facebook page are always so wise and encouraging. She has generously written a wonderful post to be shared on Reviving Homemaking. The post will be shared over the course of four installments, so be sure to check back daily to read them all. Trust me, you're in for a treat!

    P.S. Her husband is a part of the awesome music group, The CO. You can find out more on them through their webpage and Facebook fan page 

Guest post by Katie B. 

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     I finally was let go out of the room.  All of us remaining contestants had been told to make sure we went to the final interview room before we left with our families.  In fact the crew made sure someone escorted you so they could get all the "I hate you Simon"'s etc. :)  But the funny thing is no one came to get me.  No one was there to escort me to the interview.  We walked up the stairs and I decided to finish the process even though I didn't have to.  I walked in to two familiar faces of the AI crew and they greeted me with, "Aww Katie, I'm sorry you didn't make it!"  I broke out into tears and replied, "Actually, I'm not upset because I didn't make it, I'm upset because I sat through what felt like an eternity of being made fun of."  I told the crew what was said and even they teared up and one of them said, "Katie, don't listen to them... They are jerks!"  I told them I was ready to interview and I'll never forget the moment of being in that dark room with the spotlight shining on my head and my tears falling to the floor as I looked down at my tired feet.  The two girls from the crew pulled me aside after the interview and said, "There's a bathroom in here that we don't usually let people use, but you can if you want to pull yourself together, because Katie, after you walk out this door, there is going to be a camera in your face following you all the way out of the building."  I told them "thank you" and took a deep breath to brave what was outside those doors.  I kept a smile on my face and promoted my music career in Nashville down 5 flights of escalators with a camera in my face and a lady trying to get me to say something nasty about the judges.  My family had been so awesome and kept quiet the whole time but on the way to the car another camera came up and my husband, having enough if seeing me get beat up said, "Lady, get that camera out of her face right now or I'm going to throw it across that parking lot."  Haha, isn't he's great? :)

    The ride home that night from Louisville, KY back to Nashville was a hard one.  As I looked out at the dark sky I struggled with the peace of accomplishing what I knew was right and the flip side of being humiliated on national television.  I also felt the disappointment of others seeing me as failing.  What if I never got to sing again...  What if no one takes me seriously?  

Check back tomorrow, 10/19/12, for Part 4!

Katie Ro Brace

Singer | Songwriter | Musician

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