Friday, May 2, 2014

Five Question Friday- 5/2/14

     Five Question Friday is a fun little post each week in which five random questions are answered. It's an opportunity for us to get to know one another a little better. Best of all is that you can participate too! Simply leave your answers to the questions in the comment field below! Or, suggest a question to be featured on a future 5QF!

1. If you had to move and could only take three things with you, what would you take?
     Of course, there would be the practical things of clothing, food etc. Beyond that type of item, I'd probably want my Bible, photo album/book, and a family heirloom (I have several items that were my great grandmother's, and picking only one would be tough!). 

2. What are five things you want to accomplish by the time you're 70?
     Well, isn't that a tall order of a question?! I suppose I hope to have a family that is close and actually enjoys being together. My life be truly reflective of Christ. I hope my marriage continues to grow and strengthen. On a personal side, perhaps one day I'll rise above insecurities. I don't know, I suppose I hope I accomplish simply enjoying life and the journey. (Honestly, I think abstract accomplishments are the best offered at this point in life.)

3. What is your favorite family tradition?
     I've mentioned it before, but it applies again. On my husband's side of the family, we have four families in four states. The chance for all of us being able to get together for a holiday or other event is pretty slim. And so, we decided last year that we'd need to be intentional about planning an occasion for us all to be together again. Last year we decided to all rent a cabin in a central location and spend several days together. I really enjoyed the time together. I love how we can get 12+ families members together under one roof for several days and it still be a pleasant experience (no attitudes, bickering or drama! Everyone also pulls his/her weight in keeping meals prepared and keeping everything going!). It's just so nice to see family actually enjoying spending time together. I can't wait for the trip this year! It will be Tennyson's first family trip!

4. If you could retire tomorrow. what would you do?
     It's kind of hard to answer this question considering I'm not of retiring age or in an outside employment situation. I asked my husband to answer this one instead. He said he'd like to have an eclectic tea shop. He'd take care of the business side and tea and I can make tiny little treats. Works for me! haha!

5. Name two things you'll do as a family this weekend?
    We haven't planned our weekend yet. I know my hubby has to work a bit on Saturday, so Tennyson and I will just treat it as a weekday. We may work on creating the curtain rods for Tennyson's room so I can hang some curtains soon. (Yes, even curtain rods are a DIY project! haha). Beyond that, we will probably just hang out and play with the baby. (He's gotten quite talkative and playful now!).

How would you answer this week's Five Question Friday? What questions would you like to see answered in future 5QF?

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