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April In Our Home

April  2014
{These posts may be suited more for my own memories or for family who live states away, but perhaps others may find them interesting as well. :) }

      It's been a while since I've done an "In Our Home" post. I always enjoyed looking back over the previous month and reminiscing of the good times we've shared as a family. Of course, now those posts are going to be comprised quite a bit with Tennyson updates. Get ready for lots of photos (sorry, if the pages don't load as easily due to them)!

     The most notable aspect of April has been Tennyson reaching 3 months old (and 10lb 3oz!)! It is incredible how much he's changed in such a short period of time. He no longer has that preemie look to him. He also is behaviorally resembling an older baby. We're learning again the characteristics of this new stage and how to best respond to them. As soon as we had gotten comfortable with the preemie stage, he clearly moved on to the newborn. Now, he has moved on from newborn characteristics to those appropriate for a three month old. It's fascinating to see such clear distinctions! 

     The month began with more visits from family members! David's oldest brother and his family came for several days at the beginning of this month. It was a lot of fun having our home bursting with so much energy and excitement! Miss Mallorie (second from right in photo below) instantly bonded with Tennyson. As soon as she walked in the door she would rush to go cuddle him. It's so interesting and exciting to see how certain ones in a family pair up. We spent each evening just enjoying a simple meal and each other's company. I have thoroughly enjoyed having everyone visiting! I'm always so impressed when people take the time (energy, effort, expense etc) to invest in family. The facts that they took time off work, spent the kids' spring break time, drove the nine hours to visit with us means so much to me. Love them!

    Okay, back to Tennyson. One thing that is new post-preemie stage is that he loves bathtime! I'm loving that he is big enough to bathe in the sink. We were just sponge bathing him as a preemie, and he would scream. He now rather enjoys himself!

    He's showing more and more personality through his expressions nowadays. Love that little face!

     He also loves to be upright. He may not be able to sit or stand on his own, but that's precisely how he likes to be. When he's against our shoulders, he'll stretch and strain that little neck to see all that is around him. If he can get his feet just right against our lap then he's a little frog jumping all over the place. I think we're going to have an active little boy on our hands!

     Being a bit of an older baby now, his sleep and play patterns are easier for me to pick up. I know about when and how long he'll nap during the day, which gives me the opportunity to plan time for cleaning or whatever else I need to get done in the day (including a nap if we've had an especially wakeful night). We're also getting better with establishing routines throughout the day. It's just so nice to have some organization and predictability for us all. Of course, there is a tremendous amount of flexibility in there as well as adjustment for new stages. 

    Is there anything sweeter than the sight of a sleeping baby?! (He didn't actually sleep like this. He dozed off while I was getting him dressed, and he was too sweet looking to not capture him sleeping like a big man).

Okay, perhaps there is something sweeter than a sleeping's a smiling, happy baby! Oh my goodness, I just love all his smiles, laughs, coos and squeals! He's quite the little talker! It's fun to just sit and watch him play and squeal in delight. Love, love, love those smiles!

     Finally, April included Easter. It wasn't until I saw so many posts on Facebook that I even thought of all those Easter activities you do with/for kids. Whoops. Fortunately, a 3 month old is not too concerned as to if he had an "Easter outfit," attended an egg hunt or other such event, or received a basket from the Easter Bunny etc. Perhaps I'll make a fuss over Easter next year.

    We did attempt a family photo that day. The funny part is we didn't plan on matching. We came downstairs to discover that we had all dressed in blue. Haha!

     Goodness, I could write for a while about Tennyson or our life with him this past month. I'll save some for other blog posts though. Until next  time.. :)

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  1. He has grown so much. What a blessing! Thanks for the update

  2. Tennyson is so precious! I'm glad to read that you all are doing well. God bless!

    ~~Sarah in GA~~


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