Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DIY Wall Art

     I had originally planned to forgo decorating a room for the baby. Then, Tennyson arrived and I began spending lots of time in the room. Soon enough, I desired to add a few touches that would give the space a little excitement. I wanted to create a space that was his. I also wanted it to be appealing to me while we were in there for the many nursing sessions.   I now have a little list of projects to spruce up the space a bit. The first on the list was to hang some wall art on those boring white walls.
     Of course, that posed an opportunity for a DIY project. I frequently say that I my home would be decorated faster if I didn't take a DIY approach to everything, but the creative/crafty side of me insists that I do. A couple of advantages to creating my own wall art, though, is that it is often much more affordable to create pieces than buy them and they're always able to be customized. For Tennyson's room, I chose to do a large canvas piece with a saying and then three small pieces that were more of a nursery theme. My two main colors for his room are gray (my favorite color) and orange (we're TN vol fans). I then added some navy blue to add an additional color element. The pieces are simple but yet add a lot of personality to the room! (Plus, only cost me about $12.50 for the canvases and paints. Hooray!).
Tennyson's "Room":
     This saying is a familiar one from the internet (ie pinterest). Nonetheless, my heart does desire these two statements to be true for him. 

     He loves to look at this one! I will have him against my shoulder and he will stretch his little neck to see it. 

     This is the original idea piece for setting the color scheme. 

     Alphabet painted in all the room colors. His initials are highlighted in blue. 

Additional nursery style canvas pieces are available in the Etsy shop! (Customized colors and silhouette available upon request)

Other areas of our home with my DIY wall art:

 Upstairs hallway
(The three piece tree painting was also previously available in the Etsy shop. Additional listings available upon request.)

Current Living Room
     This one says, "If we have family, then we have everything" and includes our wedding date and Tennyson's birth date. It's been a great reminder during difficult times that we are not lacking in life as long as we have family. We choose to make family our priority. 

Previous Living Room
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