Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Touch of Fall

     Can't you feel it? The fall is here! Fall is by far my favorite season. It's just so cozy! The trees and ground become clothed in a beautiful array of warm colors. The crunch of fallen leaves beneath my feet immediately brings back memories of jumping into leaf piles as a kid. Delicious pumpkin favors infiltrate coffees, scones, muffins and cakes. The brisk breeze beckons me to pull clothing layers closer around me. There's a sweet feeling of comfort and joy to the season. 
     It is this sentiment that I excitedly bring indoors with simple touches of decor. I prefer to be on the minimalist side of possession ownership. Too much stuff to purchase, store, and upkeep tends to overwhelm and stress me. Plus, it's important for me to maintain an appropriate level of stuff for our small space.Therefore, I maintain a specific number of totes for holiday or seasonal decor. I have two for Christmas items, and one for all other holidays or seasons. If the designated tote would be exceeded, then I don't purchase something or find something to get rid of. Keeping a strategic number of storage totes fitting to the storage space has been a key way to decrease clutter while still enjoying partaking in festive fun like decorating. 

      I really enjoy adding touches of fall to our home with a few simple pieces. The only addition I made this year were the fresh gourds and pumpkins, which won't be stored. The rest of the items were purchased in years past. Decorating is even more delightful when the cost is minimal to nothing at all!

Welcome to our home! This is our entryway. There is an indentation in the wall on one side that creates a shelf of sorts perfect for garland. I rather find the touch of garland and a door hanger to be quite warm and welcoming. 
The easiest and most affordable way to dress up the dinner table is to change the table linens. I created my everyday table look with versatility in mind. The gray tablecloth and burlap placemats coordinate well with just about everything. The look of the centerpieces can be changed by simply switching out the contents of the jars. For fall, I decided to use popcorn kernels. I also added some fall theme napkins (coming soon to the Etsy shop!). 
I love the look of a vase of flowers, even if they are fake. For the fall, I pulled out my pretty springtime stems and replaced them with a couple of fall bunches. The little ceramic pumpkin was one I painted at a paint-your-own pottery shop years ago.  (This is our downstairs bathroom used by guests).
Finally, this pictures sums up the sentiment of the season. It's just so cozy! I simply added some mini pumpkins and guards and unshelled pecans (which we had already) to one of our serving dishes. A centerpiece for only $6 for our living room!
     Decorating seasonally doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive. Simply find a few key pieces! Now that the decorating is done, I believe some yummy fall baking is in order! 

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  1. Yay Fall! I had fun decorating our house too!

  2. Fall is my favorite time of year :) It is complete with the oh-so-yummy pumpkin spice latte from Panera. :D (Which is a one a year treat because it is rather pricey...)


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