Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Homemaking Link-up #2

      Welcome to the second Weekly Homemaking Link-up!   

     Each Wednesday will feature an opportunity to link-up your posts, as well as read through many others linked-up here. Connecting and sharing with others is a wonderful way to preserve and grow in the art of homemaking! Topics to consider include, but are not limited to:

  • ·         Simple and economical living (one-income living, frugal ways, simplifying etc.)
  • ·         Food (selecting and preparing various types, recipes, menu planning etc).
  • ·         Kitchen skills/tips (essential tools, knife skills, cooking techniques etc.)
  • ·         Home Organization (small space living, storage solutions, function + style etc)
  • ·         Personal Organization (routines, planning etc)
  • ·         Clothing (sewing, modesty, outfit ideas etc)
  • ·         Sewing (needlework, pattern construction etc)
  • ·         Marriage and family (tips for building strong home, family, and marriage)
  • ·         Cleaning (homemade products, management etc)
  • ·         Christian faith

To enter:
     - Enter the direct link to your post (not your blog)
     - Please reserve links to product sales, Etsy shops, consultant sales or other business 
          related links for the Small Business Saturday Link-up. Links of such content may be 
          referred to this second link-up instead of published here. 
     - When you leave a link, visit the link before and after yours. Let's encourage the 
          homemaking community! 
     - Note: You will be required to enter a back link. (In other words, you must have 
          somewhere on your post that it is linked-up here)The back link will be the web 
          address for this specific post. . Thanks!

*Note: I reserve the right to accept or reject link submissions. I maintain a priority of protecting the interest of the blog and readers by displaying only information and links that are appropriate for the audience (ie obscene or otherwise disrespectful content will not be published). 

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