Saturday, September 28, 2013

Small Business Saturday Link-up #5

  Do you have a monetized blog, etsy shop, ebook, company, service or other endeavor which would be of interest to the Reviving Homemaking readers? If so, then add your site or product to the list below! 

     Each Saturday, Reviving Homemaking will be hosting a link party specifically for small businesses. I personally believe in the small business and entrepreneur spirit, and want to support that effort on the Reviving Homemaking blog page as well. The link-up is great way to get the word out about your business or product, and well as find fantastic places and people for whatever you're shopping for!

     Take a moment to link-up, browse and shop from the many fantastic small businesses available to you! 

     A separate link-up for blog posts will be available mid-week. Please submit the appropriate link to each link-up. If you link up your site or product, please share the Small Business Saturday link-up in some form. Thank you!

*Note: I reserve the right to accept or reject submissions. I maintain a priority of protecting the interest of the blog and readers by displaying only information or products that I can truthfully endorse and recommend onward. 

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