Monday, November 26, 2012

Menu Plan: Fall (Nov. 25- Dec. 1)

-Homemade pumpkin bagels
-Eggs, leftover bagels, smoothie cubes (fresh smoothies/juice make in the summer and stored frozen)
-Oatmeal with strawberries (using strawberries put up in the freezer when they were in season. Cooking with water instead of milk.)
-Whole wheat pancakes (I recommend only 1 Tbsp. of batter each) with blueberry syrup (blueberries picked in season and stored in freezer)
-Breakfast quinoa (or oatmeal again)
-Eggs, oranges, yogurt with granola

-Swedish Meatballs over noodles
-Corn Chowder (delicious! I'm replacing canned potatoes with the real thing. I'm also using frozen corn kernels instead of canned creamed corn.)
-Fish dish (hubby is creating this one so I'm not sure on the details. haha)
-Portabella mushroom burgers, sweet potato fries

-Turkey pot pie (using this crust recipe, but will probably tweak it a bit)
-Meatball subs with kale chips (homemade hoagie rolls)
-Breakfast for dinner- Pumpkin French Toast (using the extra pumpkin pie filling), fruit
-Corn Chowder (leftovers)

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