Thursday, November 15, 2012

Home Tour: Entry

     My husband and I are now settling in our third home (and state!) in the last two years. I had previously decorated a bit here and there in our homes, but remained hesitant to really commit or invest too much with knowing that we would potentially move. This time we are here for at least the next several years which means my creative self gets to add all those lovely touches that I've been imagining for my home. I'm still working with white walls and a small budget. Nevertheless, I'm excited to tackle our little townhome one room at a time! These posts may be more for family who live states away and are interested in seeing our home, but perhaps there may be some ideas here and there that could be useful or interesting to others as well. :)

     First room completed is the entry. It's the first impression to our home and so I wanted to start there. The front door actually opens into this hallways and staircase which then brings you to the front door of the main living area. There's nothing too special about it, so I wanted to add some fun and function to this small space. 
Before decorating
Picture on left: Front door looking up towards door that enters main living area. 
Picture on right: Door at main living area looking down towards front door. 

After decorating
Picture on left: Front door looking up towards door that enters main living area. 
Picture on right: Door at main living area looking down towards front door. 

The Details
We added a bar with hooks (Ikea) to serve as our coat rack. The rack is also a handy place to keep our umbrellas. Below that is an idea that I implemented from my Pinterest boards (see links below for the sources of inspiration). The shoe trays were super simple to create. Just pour large rocks (Walmart) into the trays (Ikea)! Snowy or wet shoes can be left here before entering further to keep the floors from getting messy. 

     Along the side of the stairs is a little shelf feature in the wall. This space could be ignored or it could be used for fun seasonal decor. Currently, I'm loving the look of the leaf garlands (Hobby Lobby)! In just a week I'll switch it out for some Christmas garland with scented pine cones and cinnamon sticks. There's also a little hook on the door, which is great for a little door hanger. It's fun having the wreath outside and something a little more whimsical on the inside. I may have too much fun decorating for holidays and seasons in this little spot!

I then decided to add a welcoming quote or saying somewhere in the entryway. I found vinyl letters (Hobby Lobby) that said, "May all who enter as guests, leave as friends." I thought this conveyed the heart I hope my home to represent. It also is the saying that is hanging outside my Grandmom's door, and so seeing the saying also reminds me of her. 

My hubby has been amazing at patiently listening to my ideas through my creative excitement, and then wonderfully helps me put it all together! 

      So, so far that is our little home. I think the entry looks so much more inviting and cheerful now than it did before. Next, I'll focus on sprucing up our dining room! Wee! :)

Sources of Inspiration:
DIY River Rock Boot Trays
Pebble Boot Tray
Creative Solution for Messy Winter Boots 
DIY Rock Boot Tray

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  1. Your entry looks very welcoming and the shoe trays with the rocks in it is a great idea!

  2. Oh and the hubs follows direction well. Enjoy working on the dining room. Can't wait to see it.
    Have a Beautiful weekend,


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