Monday, July 23, 2012

Menu Plan: Summer (July 22-28)

-parfaits (yogurt, walnuts, strawberries, granola)
-omelet (eggs,diced bell peppers, diced onions, diced mushrooms), toast, fresh smoothie/juice
-granola cereal with dried berries, banana 
-oatmeal, cantaloupe, walnuts
-egg sandwich (egg, cheese, sausage, biscuit)

-veggie sandwiches
-stuffed turkey peppers
-avocado egg salad sandwiches
-chicken salad puff, broccoli salad
-fettuccine alfredo, peas

-lime chicken tacos
-pizza calzones
-pork spinach salad

-apple with peanut butter, popcorn
-zucchini bread, granola in milk or yogurt
-multigrain crackers (i'm adding flaxseed meal), cheese slices, olives
-yogurt, peach
-homemade juice (carrot & cucumber)
-nuts & seeds 

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  1. Do you usually wake up to make breakfast for your husband? This is something I am terrible at and have started to wonder if I should begin doing. The only thing is my husband leaves for work at 5:40am!

    1. My husband also has an early start to the work day, and he prefers to skip eating breakfast at home. (I don't blame him as eating breakfast at the 5 o'clock hour of morning wouldn't be my ideal either!) Instead, he usually grabs some fruit and anything else we have made like muffins, bread for toast, yogurt etc., and then he'll eat those throughout the morning. I will usually wait to make breakfast for myself at around 7am. We do have a "big breakfast" on Saturday and Sundays though. I don't think there is necessarily a "should" or "should not" on the wife's part. It's really more about what he prefers. Some people prefer to wait until a little later in the morning for breakfast. If my husband was a breakfast-eater, then I'd probably make an effort to do more for him. Presently, he enjoys little bits throughout the morning while at work instead. :)


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