Friday, June 1, 2012

Five Question Friday

1. What were you scared of as a kid?
     Giant masked costumes. Those things still freak me out!

2. Do you sleep well in a hotel?
     Typically I don't sleep tremendously well in another's bed. Ultimately, though, it depends on how tired I am. When exhausted, I seem to have no preference at all. 

3. If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who and why?
     I'm not sure if I'd actually want to meet the person or just observe. I believe you can tell more about a person by how he/she lives than what is said. That being the case, my top two would be Jesus when he walked among us and Mother Theresa. Yes, perhaps very generic answers, but also very admirable people. 

4. It's a hot summer day. Do you prefer to be pool side or at the beach?
    Perhaps the beach. There's more to do at a beach than pool beyond swimming and laying out in the sun. Some beaches offer a lot of neat activities to do along the shore. 

5. What is your favorite summer dish?
     Ice cream! That counts as a "dish," right? haha. Okay, okay. A couple of my favorite meals are a pasta veggie dish and veggie pizza. Both incorporate lots of yummy seasonal veggies. 

How would you answer today's Five Question Friday? Share in the comment section below!

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