Thursday, April 26, 2012

Room By Room Series: Main Bathroom


     Marci at Thankful Homemaker is conducting a series focused on decluttering, organizing and beautifying our homes one room at a time. Last month's room was the main bathroom, and though I'm a little behind in posting my participation in the series I am getting it done.
      Okay, so ... welcome to our main bathroom. Our unit has two bathrooms and so the hall bathroom is used for guests and myself. As you can see it's done in a tropical theme. 


Special Touch:
      This is one of my favorite features to add to a bathroom. It's a guest basket filled with extra towels, soaps, shampoos, conditioners etc. I think it's lovely offering to have for whenever you have company staying with you. This bathroom has an extended countertop which provides a nice spot for a basket. If the counter space is limited, then a basket of items or even a candlescape can be added to the back of the toilet. 

Storage and Organization:
     There is ample storage in this bathroom with it's two sets of cabinets. The first cabinet contains extra towels and toilet paper. If space permits, I feel that it's nice to keep items a guest may use in a clean cabinet apart from your personal items so there is no feeling of intrusion just to replace the toilet paper. (Or, is that just me that feels that can be awkward? hah)
       The second cabinet set is for my items.Sometimes our hesitation to decluttering is tossing out a perfecting good item, and so we save it for "one day." When this happens, take a marker and mark the bottles or other items that you acknowledge isn't an absolute necessity but still want to hang onto a bit longer. Then, determine a time frame (3 months, 6 months etc) for use. If it's not used by that time then it gets tossed because a timeframe like six months is plenty to demonstrate it's purpose as clutter more than anything else. My goal is to get down to necessities and more natural options for items, and I'm allowing myself that several month timeframe to get there. 
      This little organizer holds all my little items like nail care, hair ties/clips/bands, contacts and glasses, and mini size product items (chapsticks, lotions, etc). 
      I love this kitchen cabinet organizer in the bathroom because it beautifully utilizes vertical space which is essential in small space living. Plus, the baskets slide out making everything fully accessible. The bottom basket contains my hair dryer, curling iron, and straightener. The top has my makeup bag and all product bottles. 
    Finally, there is a wall cabinet that has more little items like hand care set, lip care set, skin care set (I used to be a Mary Kay consultant so there's a little sample bottle of everything haha), an earring holder, hairbrush, and most importantly- a clock  since I tend to run a little behind time on occasion (haha). 

     I didn't think to take before photos. I'll probably continue to streamline things in here, but I'm pretty satisfied with the end result presently. The next (current) room is the kitchen. If you're interested in participating visit Thankful Homemaker - Room By Room Series. :)


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