Monday, April 9, 2012

Money Management: Part 1

     Dave Ramsey asserts that our greatest asset is our income and money management is the skill that maximizes that income. Sometimes we may need to seek additional resources, but more often than not the income we receive is sufficient. We just have to learn how to better utilize it. As a homemaker, many aspects of money management are incorporated in the role from being a wise consumer to handling the bills, insurances and savings. Proper financial management contributes significantly to the well being of your family both monetarily and emotionally. Get a grip on money so that it doesn’t keep a grip on you. You don’t have to be overly controlling, but certainly guard against being careless. In order to do so there is some basic knowledge and skills to be gained.

    The tax month of April seemed like an appropriate time to broach the taboo subject of money. We’re going to be taking some time the next few weeks to discuss budgeting/spending plans, savings, insurance, debt and discuss plenty of the principles related to money management. I am by no means a financial expert. I am however an avid consumer of financial advice, especially as it can be applied to homemaking, and am simply passing along what I have learned thus far. My heart is, as always, to encourage the woman who feels called to homemaking to do so. I believe money management is an important aspect of homemaking to learn and become skilled in practicing. At the end of the month, The Lampo Group, inc. (Dave Ramey’s company) has kindly offered the book The Total Money Makeover and Deluxe Envelope System to be shared through a giveaway* here at Reviving Homemaking! I’m a strong supporter of the messages regarding money put forth by Dave Ramsey, and am excited to be able to share these materials with you as well. As Dave says let's “Live like no one else now so that you can live like no one else later.”

*Note: I’m not an affiliate of any kind with The Lampo Group, Inc. or Thomas Nelson publishing. These materials were given to me by The Lampo Group,Inc. and it was agreed upon that they may be offered as a giveaway.

Up Next: Budgeting and Tracking

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  1. hi madam very useful tips.personaly i'm facing to money management.


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