Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goal Setting for 2012

I like to set goals in various categories, and then break them
down into tiny bites to be munched on each month thoughout the
 year. Keeping all my monthly small portions in a visible spot in my
homemaking binder serves as a simiple & organized reminder as to what is current.:)  
       I love new beginnings- fresh, unblemished and full of potential. The start of another year is a perfect time for reflection on that which was decidedly stale, blemished, and at a dead-end. I believe it's the possibility of cleaning the slate of all the challenges and disappointments that held us back the previously that makes new year resolutions so appealing and attractive. Interestingly enough, nothing has really changed other than night to day. So, is it truly necessary to have a designated yearly timeframe for reflection and goal setting? JWhy don't we do this more often? Just a thought.

      Resolutions are notorious for being broken nearly as soon as they are made. How do we create notions of improvement without the limitation of impending failure? I've discovered a few guildlines as I thought of the upcoming year's potential myself:
  1. Think small. Small doesn't mean limiting achievement, it means maximizing success. When expectations are too gradiose, then the shortcoming may be accompanied by disappointment and unmotivation to press on. Perhaps this is why we often wait until the next year to re-resolute after the intial one failed. So, think small and celebrate the joy of achievement.
  3. Get specific. I could say, "eat healthier." Or, I could say, "replace one conventional food item (name it- milk, eggs, lettuce etc) with an organic/local alternative." Which one would you be more willing to apply? Precisely, the second statement. We often use terms of comparison (better, more, less, -(i)er etc) to set goals but then stumble in clearly understanding how to apply such ambiguious statements.
  5. Determine an extensive timeframe (ie realistic). New Year may happen overnight, but change doesn't. The focus is too often on the result and not on the process. The process, by the way, is practice. If we determine that we will practice a new characteristic or behavior rather than accomplish it, then we're more likely to see it stick. Let's go back to the food example of desiring to eat healthier replace conventional item (defined) with organic/local. I could now say, "replace milk with an organic option for the entirity of this month." The following month, I may keep the milk change and add ...say..eggs. The four weeks gives me the chance to adjust purchasing and usage of the product. In other words, I've given myself the opportunity to practice the behavior before moving on to something more complex or something else entirely.
      I could post my list of goals for the year, but thought it may be less overwhelming and more rewarding to do so as a montly reflection. Yes?

      As I thought further upon this tradition of reflection and resolution, I'm reminded of Jesus and how He can wipe our sins clean. Continually I must humble myself to reflect upon my sin and ask for forgiveness. From there I am reaffirmed and encouraged to seek and walk with Him. Of all the goals or resolutions I may desire to set for myself for the upcoming year, the greatest of all is this understanding. An excellent resource for spiritual reflection and resolution can be consulted in this article: Ten Questions to Ask at the Start of a New Year
Do you set goals for the new year? How do you determine yours?

p.s. With the start of 2012 is also the restart for the Reviving Homemaking Etsy Shop! I think giveaway is in order for that, yeah? Watch for the relaunch and giveaway later this week!!! :)



  1. Hi Whitney, this is really helpful! There are some goals that I've been thinking of committing to, but I haven't sorted them out in my mind yet or written them down - so thanks for the advice!

  2. Very interesting and helpful! I look forward to read more about your goalsetting.


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