Thursday, January 5, 2012

Advertise with Reviving Homemaking

  As part of my big dreams for Reviving Homemaking I'm so pleased to announce that the site is now fully set up to offer advertising space! The idea is simply to continue to offer a sharing and supporting of homemaking. I'm a strong supporter of independent ventures and desire to do what I can to keep that spirit alive and well for others as well. Do you have a blog, etsy shop, ebook, service, product or other endeavor that you would like to create additional interest? Then, consider advertising (via ad, post feature, or giveaway) here! In keeping  with wishing to support small/independent business the pricing rates are set to be affordable at only $5 for a post feature and $10 for 30 days of running a side bar ad. Let's pull together and support one another in our means for pursuing home and family through homemaking! Thank you for your continued interested in Reviving Homemaking!

Visit the Advertising Page for more information!

*Note: I reserve the right to accept or reject requests for advertisement. I maintain a priority of protecting the interest of the blog and readers by displaying only information or products that I can truthfully endorse and recommend onward.


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