Friday, December 16, 2011

Five Question Friday

1. What's the best Christmas present you've ever received?
Suitcase set. In my first years of college I had to lug my stuff in anything I could find to put it in anytime I stayed away from campus. It was embarrassing and a pain in the patoot every time. I was so grateful for a suitcase that I could pack, zip and roll!

2. Worst/Funniest White Elephant gift ever received?
In the last one I participated in I actually ended up with some useful tools (screwdriver with changable heads, etc). Being the lover of humor that I am, my White Elephant gift wasn't as nice. I opted for giving a wrapped box filled with a can of air freshner, pinto beans, and Bean-o. The next opportunity that arises for a fun White Elephant gift will likely produce a box of classic 80s Buns of Steel or other such videos. (hehe!) 

3. Is your Christmas tree plain and simple (white lights and matching ornaments) or is it wild and crazy (colored lights with lots of ornaments collected over the years)?
I love our kindergarten tree! Hubby likes white lights and I like colored, so we compromise with a strand of each. The ornament balls are brightly colored, and the other ornaments are things that have been collected throughout the years- many from my childhood. Hubby and I started a tradition a couple of years ago of getting a new ornament each year. We've got to get a move on in ordering this year's ornament!
4. "How" do you iron your clothes? The old fashioned iron/ironing board way, the shower, back in the dryer, etc.
     Well, apparently I'm so old fashioned that I didn't even realize clothes could be ironed via "the shower, back in the dryer" etc. haha. I prefer a crisp result, and so my ironing board and can of starch are always out. Ideally I like to have things ironed and ready to go when they go in the closet, however I'll confess that sometimes that process doesn't always happen.
5. How much baking do you do for Christmas and what are your "must make" items?
     I used to do a lot of baking and detailed decorating. I had even become well known for my cookies. In recent years, however, the demands of working up until the day left little energy for baking and so I got out of the swing of doing much of anything. This year I'll probably do some thumb print cookies and perhaps one other kind.  I might do more, but that will depend on how things go as it gets closer to the day itself. I love Christmas goodies, but with hubby's job as busy as it is I try to keep everything else as calm and simple as I can.

1 comment:

  1. 1. The Julia Chiles cooking books!
    2. Can't remember :/
    3. No Christmas tree :(
    4. Ironing board
    5. Some baking and gingerbread!


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