Saturday, December 3, 2011

Book Review: What Women Fear

I’ve recently completed  What Women Fear by Angie Smith. Upon introduction I was hesitant to purchase because I assumed it would discuss anxiety or paranoia type fears. I was quickly proven incorrect. The content of the book discusses matters relatable to any woman.
Though the author has a background that includes a master degree in Developmental Psychology it isn’t apparent that the work is driven by a desire to construct a self-help book based on her studies. Nor it is intended to be an in-depth theological study. It is more appropriately the exploration of the balance of faith and fear on a daily basis. I believe the heart of the work can be seen when she says:
     I long to be a woman who walks in the moment God has  
     given me, with full confidence in what's to come. I know it
    isn't always going to look the way I want it to, but I long to
    internalize the fact that He is never going to forsake me or
                           take His hands off me (page 26). 
Smith’s writing is clear and easy to comprehend while also often displaying her joyous sense of humor. She writes as though speaking directly with her audience in the tone of intimate friendship. Smith gains the trust of the reader through her retelling of personal experiences with each area. Readers are then drawn in further by her ease and relevance of discussion.

Each chapter begins with a reference to wisdom gained from a Biblical story. The Bible is frequently quoted as passages or as individual verses and are the mediums through which her exploration of fear are conducted. At no point does she deliver a definitive conclusion to any area of fear, but rather encourages the reader to find balance in the matter through a walk with God. Each chapter focuses on specific areas of fear such as: “What if..,” rejection, abandonment, betrayal, failure, success, death, past becoming present, insignificance, God’s plan, realism of God, and fear of God himself.
       Angie Smith does an excellent job at demonstrating Biblical wisdom as is applicable to daily living in a fresh and tangible way. The writing exposes a new way of considering many of the familiar Biblical passages. As I read I was compelled to underline, highlight and comment in the margins extensively. I spent my time savoring the heart of the message she conveyed in each chapter.

       I genuinely did not find a single chapter I did not mark and find value in. In reviews of the book that I could find, only one out of more than a hundred reviews was negative. A strong response such as that speaks accurately well of such a great piece of writing. I would highly recommend What Women Fear by Angie Smith. In one word- phenomenal.

*Note: -The above opinions are mine alone and have not been influenced or solicited in any manner.
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