Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beyond Walls: Bringing Home Jesus

   One evening prior to the state of the worship service a friend exclaimed, "I left my Jesus in the car." He was referring to his Bible still laying in the backseat, yet this simple candid statement left an impression on me for its potential for further application.
     Are we leaving our "Jesus in the car" in our homes or lives? The foundation of Christian life is Christ. How do we learn more of Him and His teachings? -His Word. The foundation of our home is precisely the same. Do we keep His Word stored in our car (or where ever else) for the next Sunday church service, or are we bringing it into our homes and our lives daily?
     Husbands and wives, return dominion of your marriage to God. Was it not for His perfect plan that you became one entity? Within a strong home is a stronger marriage, which must be centered on Jesus Christ. Work daily to learn and be an example of Christ's love to each other, so that your marrige may be a blessing and stand for a purpose- the Lord's work.
     So today as you're "bringing home the bacon," bring home a little Jesus too. :)

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