Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Menu Plan: Fall (Nov. 17-23)

      There is now a photo album on the RH Facebook page just for food photos. If you like to see a photo of a dish to judge whether you want to try it or not, then follow the link to view the album. (I tend to like recipes & cookbooks that include lots of photos). Let's be honest, some dishes are just too pretty to not take a picture! ;) 

      I've also started pinning lots of recipes we use onto a "Food" Pinterest board. Many of the recipes listed below can be found there as well. 


  • We began by reviewing several of our previous fall menu plans for ideas. I like to keep my menu plans because they provide a great resource for meal ideas that are seasonal and cost-effective. In the front section of my recipe notebook, I have a section labeled "planning" and this is where all my previous menu plans are stored. Keep it simple! 
  • We're utilizing leftover meals this week. This week may be a bit busy, and so I wanted to keep meal prep. simple. I also didn't need leftovers over the weekend like we normally have. Leftover meals also help keep grocery costs down. 
  • I bought several pie pumpkins from a nearby market. Now is the time to stock up on them! I'll cook, puree and then freeze them for later use. Although the pumpkin season extends later into fall, most stores are clearing them out soon after Halloween to make way for Christmas items. I've learned that if you want pumpkins to make fresh puree, then you have to get them early. Fortunately, they'll keep quite a while in a cool location. I keep ours in our basement with the rest of our canned foods. 
  • Every couple of weeks we host our small group for a meal and book study. We try to keep the meals we serve rather simple and cost-effective. We may serve up to twelve people, but have yet to break the budget to do so. It's all about the types of meals selected. This week we chose to do three types of quiche. Any leftover quiche will go in the freezer to be enjoyed another day. 


*Note: I include links to the recipes if they are available online. Some recipes are from cookbooks we have at home, and while I can't share the recipe I can direct you to the source. Other dishes or meals are created by myself or my husband, and we can do our best to explain how to recreate it. If you'd like additional information on any of the meals or our menu planning, then please feel free to contact me. :) 

- French toast, orange 
- Granola cereal with milk, grapefruit
- Cottage cheese parfait (cottage cheese, mixed berries, granola)
- Apple-cinnamon oatmeal (oatmeal cooked with diced apples, topped with cinnamon and toasted chopped walnuts)
- Granola cereal, yogurt with bananas and blueberries
- Eggs, bacon, biscuit/toast

- Tuna salad wraps (with homemade tortillas), kale chips
- Repeat beans & rice
- Repeat quiche
- Leftovers

- Sausage, red beans & rice
- Pork fried rice
- Steak, baked sweet potato, sauteed spinach
- Repeat soup
- Quiches: ham & spinach, sausage & potato, three cheese. (We're having several friends over this evening. Any leftover quiche will go in the freezer.)
- Dining out with family at one of our favorite local restaurants

- apple & peanut butter
- cheese slices & whole wheat crackers (still determining a recipe for ww crackers)
- carrot & celery sticks with hummus
- hummus and ww crackers
- hardboiled egg & pickle (my weirdo pregnancy snack)
- cheese slices and ww crackers

*Note: Reviving Homemaking is not affiliated with any of the sites or companies included in the links, and was not asked to include or recommend them or their recipes in this post. (I simply like what they have to offer!)

What's on your family's menu plan this week?

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