Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013!

 Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here at Reviving Homemaking! 
     I posted at the beginning of the Thanksgiving season last year some ideas for not just making gratitude statements but also putting it in action. If you are a follower on the Reviving Homemaking Facebook page, then you will have seen them posted there as well. Today we will acknowledge something for which we're thankful, and "family" will likely be on the list. So, as we gather around a delicious meal put a gratitude for family in action by staying long after the meal is finished, talk with those who are present with you and focus on them more than you. Enjoy the time you have together!

     My husband and I celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday. Due to his job schedule and how far we live away from our hometowns, we aren't able to spend the holidays with either family. My wonderful in-laws made the lengthy trip once again to visit and join us for a little Thanksgiving celebration. I'm still blown away by the fact that they drove three days (which included a hotel stay along the way) to stay only two days. The trip back took them 16 hours! That's dedication to preserve family connections and closeness! I think we all had a good time together. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing more family when we make the trip to their home next month. 

     Since we've already had our Thanksgiving meal, hubby and I will simply focus today on having quality time together. We'll enjoy some homemade apple cider, apple pie and then some Thanksgiving leftovers. The best aspect of the day is just spending some time together and living out our gratitude for our little family of us. Of course, that "us" has now expanded to the three of us!

     I'm also grateful for all of you who have subscribed or simply visit Reviving Homemaking! Having such a tremendous amount of support and encouragement from you for homemaking is such a blessing to me! My continuous prayer is that you are able to be equally blessed by the site. Thank you!

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