Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Product Review: Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clip

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     I am quick to confess that I have little talent when it comes to styling my hair. I essentially alternate between four basic "do's," which after a while can get rather boring.  Dawn, a Lilla Rose Consultant, has generously given me a Flexi Hair Clip to try. The clip allows me to continue to work with the basic half-up style, while also adding a little more color and interest than a basic clip. In fact, Lilla Rose has come to be known as "hair jewerly." A quick browse of the catalog and the wide variety of products available gives meaning to that label. There are so many options!

     I selected a clip that would be very versatile. The Freestyle Princess Tiara features a tones of gold and silver, as well as neutral yet colorful gems. In the future, it may be fun to try out some of the other clips that are more color or theme specific. Another great feature of the clip is that it's flexibility allows you to hold a little or a lot of hair. This allows the clip to be suitable for individuals with fine hair (like myself) or thicker hair. It also allows the clip to be worn in several different ways. I chose a small clip that is nice for wearing my hair half-up. When my hair is longer, a larger clip would be great for pulling all my hair up without resorting to a simple hair tie all the time. 

      The only negatives I experienced from this product were the ease of use and expense. In order for the clip to be adjustable the back of the clip isn't fixed like regular clip. It has taken a little coordination work to get the clip in, but once I got used to the motion it became easier. The second negative was expense. The clip I have was about $13, which ordinarily would be out of my budget for a hair product. However, this may not be a drawback for you as your budget perimeters may be different than mine. With this said,  these clips are of a superior quality and style than the pack available at the store. If you're looking for a cute new hair clip, then this would definitely be worthwhile. 

         All in all, I've enjoyed the Flexi Hair Clip by Lilla Rose. The positives have certainly outweighed the negatives! I would easily recommend this product for ladies looking for a fun way to style your hair! To view the Lilla Rose catalog and place an order for one of their great products, visit Dawn's website. You can also get to her site by following the button at the top right of this page during the month of June. If you're on Facebook, then visit her page to see many more products and fun ways to use them! 

     Thank you again, Dawn for kindly giving me a clip to use and review! It was a pleasure working with you!

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Note: The Lilla Rose Princess Tiara Freestyle Flexi Hair Clip was given to me free of charge for review in exchange for my review to be published on Reviving Homemaking. Reviving Homemaking is not an affiliate of the company, Lilla Rose, or consultant, Dawn B. As such, Reviving Homemaking does not receive any compensation in any form beyond a free product (Flexi Hair Clip). The opinions shared are entirely my own and have not been influenced or solicited in any particular direction in any manner. 

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