Saturday, June 8, 2013

May In Our Home

   May  2013
{These posts may be suited more for my own memories or for family who live states away, but perhaps others may find them interesting as well. :) }

  The most notable happening in our home during May has been the absolute enjoyment of springtime weather. It's still so strange to still have temperatures in the 70s, but I'm not complaining. I'm a happy camper spending time outside in the sunshine!

     We outfitted our back porch with furniture and a grill. It is fabulous out there! We're now shopping around for a good deal on some outdoor games like bocce. An evening of grilling and games is fun family time to me! We also added some lovely plants for the porch. We have a cute little mint plant, stevia plant, and container of mixed flowers. I love plants, especially flowers!    

     Each weekend seemed to end up being spent driving in the countryside or taking walks along nearby trails. I always enjoy going for walks together. We would walk together in a park when we were dating, and I'm so glad to have continued to have this time together. Plus, springtime is absolutely beautiful!
(Top right is a millipede)
     And what's a walk without a pause for silly face pictures. I really enjoy getting to let loose and be silly together. Marriage needs goofiness!

          Aside from enjoying the warmer weather and being outside more, David has added another cheese to his repertoire- feta! He's now made us homemade mozzarella and feta. It's fun to learn and expand the foods that we can make homemade! He's also been learning how to play guitar recently. I really admire his interest and efforts in learning new information or skills.

         As for me, the preschool school year concluded this month, and I'm going to miss getting to spend time with the little two year-olds. The experience has been such a blessing. I debated volunteering out of fear that it would only exasperate the ache of childlessness. There were days that I honestly didn't think I could do it. Those mornings I wiped my tears, touched up my makeup, and pushed myself to walk in anyways. Amazingly, each time I was greeted by their excited little faces my sorrow was replaced by joy. I realize that the attention and influence ought to be on them, but yet they've had the most beautiful impact on me. I'm thrilled to have been asked to work with them even more the next school year!

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