Friday, February 24, 2012

The Need for Constant Entertainment

      Means of entertainment affect us in some regard. We've come to a time in which it has been so ingrained in our lives that we hardly, if at all, realize the influence,. Yet, we certainly reflect it's impact. For some reason we seem to possess a need to be entertained at all times. Consequently, play isn't necessarily the reward for work, but, rather, a companion- an ineffective one at that. 
     Twelve hours had past since I woke and as I considered the day I was stunned to realize the lack of productivity. In fact, it could likely been a counter-productive day. The dishes were attempting their great escape from the sink. The laundry challenged the washing machine and dryer to a height contest. The To Do list grew even longer as I moved today's tasks to tomorrow. I took a deep breath to reconcile myself to the fact that tomorrow will begin even earlier to make up for the lack of work today. Where did my time go? I count the hours again. Yep, twelve. So, what happened between then and now? 
      Time passes even more quickly in the presence of entertainment. I justify having a movie, television season, or music playing as fulfilling a need for background noise in my environment. Afterall, this time of the day I am alone and in need of something beyond the silence to take my mind from that fact. However, this background quickly becomes foreground as I pause and glance for moments. These mere minutes throughout the day are the moments slipping away. 
      I shut down the screens and distracting noise and begin to work with sole focus on the tasks at hand. Surprisingly, though it ought not strike me as such, I find myself with more energy and accomplishing twice as much as before. A lovely song comes to mind and I sing it softly as I load the washer full. There is peace and productivity because in the stillness I'm drawn more aware of this space and my tasks as my own gifts. From my lips fall the words, "thank you" to a heavenly Father who has blessed me richly here in this space. I simply needed to shut out the distractions and reap the sweet benefits of placing work before play. 
         The tasks are quickly erased from the board, and I am filled with a satisfaction of a job well done. Now I can truly enjoy those sources of entertainment. They were never bad to be begin, but there is a time and place for all things and partaking of them while there is work to be done is cause for it to be inappropriate. The practice of homemaking can be an amusement and joy by working "heartily, as to the Lord" (Colossians 3:23). The need for entertainment transforms into the need for Him alone. 

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