Monday, January 6, 2014

Menu Plan: Winter (Jan. 5-11)

       There is now a photo album on the RH Facebook page just for food photos. If you like to see a photo of a dish to judge whether you want to try it or not, then follow the link to view the album. (I tend to like recipes & cookbooks that include lots of photos). Let's be honest, some dishes are just too pretty to not take a picture! ;) 

      I've also started pinning lots of recipes we use onto a "Food" Pinterest board. Many of the recipes listed below can be found there as well. 


  • This week's menu plan went over budget. After a challenging food/digestion week last week I didn't mind one bit going over budget and having more than enough options.
  • I love fresh juices! It's remarkable how different fresh juices are from the store bought versions. For the most part, fresh juices are so much better! If resources allow, a juicer  is a wonderful tool to have in the kitchen!
    • I purchased many, many bags of cranberries when they went on sale for around $0.50 per bag back around Thanksgiving. I'll be using some of this stockpile for juice this week. 
  • I'm still stuck on Eating Well as my main resource. The recipes have been reliable in being rather tasty. They're also focused on whole food ingredients and therefore offer a high nutritional value. 
  • We cooked a ham for our Christmas dinner and then froze the remainder. We'll be using a portion of that for a meal this week. Utilizing the freezer is a great way to be able to cook real/whole foods for only two people. 
  • We're using a whole chicken for three meals this week. A whole chicken is a much more economical way to purchase. 


*Note: I include links to the recipes if they are available online. Some recipes are from cookbooks we have at home, and while I can't share the recipe I can direct you to the source. Other dishes or meals are created by myself or my husband, and we can do our best to explain how to recreate it. If you'd like additional information on any of the meals or our menu planning, then please feel free to contact me. :) 

Breakfasts (Some combination of the following each day:)
- Fruit: grapefuit, banana
- yogurt topped with homemade  granola cereal/ yogurt with frozen strawberries
- Homemade whole wheat bagel with peanut butter or cream cheese (bagels stored in freezer)
- Fresh juices: cranberry-apple or cranberry-grape, orange
- Hardboiled egg
- Homemade whole wheat blueberry muffins (minis) (stored in freezer)
- Apple-cinnamon oatmeal topped with toasted walnuts
- Bacon

- Asparagus & ham baked potatoes (I replaced chives with scallions since I already had them in the refrigerator). 
- Spinach ravioli with zucchini ribbons (I'll be making my own spinach & cheese ravioli using won ton wrappers we already had in the refrigerator).
- Repeat soup and bread
- Apple-cheddar pizza (A take on an apple, bacon, cheddar sandwich, which is one of our favorites.)
- Leftovers

- Fried squirrel/chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed chard, coconut cake with coconut cream cheese frosting {Hubby's birthday meal!}
- Tilapia corn chowder (using flounder instead of tilapia since we already had it in the freezer), homemade french bread
- Roasted chicken with mojo sauce, potatoes, green beans
- (Breakfast for dinner) steak and eggs
- Grilled pork with apricot sauce, sauteed greens or asparagus, corn
- leftovers 

- Grapes & cheddar cheese slices
- Apple and crackers
- Cottage cheese with frozen mixed berries
- Popcorn & protein bar
- Carrots & hummus
- Grapefruit & crackers
- etc. 

*Note: Reviving Homemaking is not affiliated with any of the sites or companies included in the links, and was not asked to include or recommend them or their recipes in this post. (I simply like what they have to offer!). Reviving Homemaking is an affiliate of Juicer link is an affiliate link, and as such Reviving Homemaking will receive a small compensation for any purchase made through the link. (Thank you!)

What's on your family's menu plan this week?

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