Friday, March 1, 2013

February In Our Home

             February  2013
{These posts may be suited more for my own memories or for family who live states away, but perhaps others may find them interesting as well. :) }

    February was not exceptionally eventful in our home. The most noteworthy happening this month was David's work trip. He traveled further north for work for a week. It was so strange living as a single person for a week. I much prefer life with my husband because he makes a pretty awesome companion. For his trip, I decided to do a little project so that he'd have a little smile each day while away from home. I figured he knows me and how I have a tendency to do cute & silly things like this, and he'd smile and laugh each time he opened a bag remembering my kindergarten self and the fun we have together. I'm a firm believer that silliness and laughter is good medicine in a marriage!

Reese Pieces: "I love you to pieces!"
Monkey with Runts: "I go bananas for you!"

Gum: "It's true, I'm stuck on you!"

Nuts: "Our nutty little life is the best!"
Gummy Bears: "I miss you "beary" much!"
Sources of inspiration for "gifts": Dating Divas, Fiskars, Pinterest (sorry, this was one that I "repinned" without first checking to make sure it went to the page instead of the general site. So, I'm including the pin as the source instead of searching through the original webpage to find it)

         In other news, we officially joined the church we'd been attending since we moved. The church and members we've met and become friends with have been incredible! Finding a church home and friendships within that community makes such a difference in a new town feeling like home. Up next, will be getting involved in a small group. For some reason there seems to be a participation gap for our age bracket. I'm not sure why, but we're prayerful that God will lead us in filling this gap. If it's His will, then He will make a way! :)
        I've begun helping with the 2-3 year old preschool class at church one day a week. Being with those sweet kiddos has become a highlight in my week. It is such a joy! The experience is also teaching me quite a bit about children and my own approach to them. I can see ways in which reality agrees and disagrees with theory. At times, I'm thinking "I don't have a clue as to the best response to them or how to engage them in constructive activities." It's a learning experience for sure, and I'm so grateful for it. My ever nervous prayer is that my presence is as positive and as much of a blessing to them. I'm sure no one every gets things "right," but that's a good thing because it propels me to continue learning and relying on God. :)

       That's the most noteworthy happenings for February that I can think of. I'm sure there is lots more. Our life is pretty simple though. There are lots of little moments in each day that we enjoy so much that would probably not be worthy to be considered as an event. I love the beauty of those moments, and being purposeful about seeking them out of the mundane. Perhaps I should take notes throughout the month, so I can recall them when writing these posts. Better luck in March. :)

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