Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You're Already Amazing: Chapter 1

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  This week begins the Bloom Book Club's look into Holley Gerth's book, You're Already Amazing: Embracing Who You Are, Becoming All God Created You to Be If you have a copy to the book, then please feel free to leave a comment in the section below or a link to your participating blog. Let's begin with just the first chapter.

        The list of descriptors that keep us from believing we are amazing is immense. Even as I write, I can think of so many notions that I've created and have been created for me that has driven me at times in my life to pursuit the achievement of worthiness. Perhaps, if I can just get that degree, job, or exhibit that kind of homemaking then I will be something. The truth is, we already are amazing. We just have to see our beings and our brokenness through His eyes.

        I believe the root of a majority of our burdening issues is comparison. We all are familiar with the "it" girl. You can think of her now- the one with the put together appearance, career tenacity, or most godly in living. Holley accurately speaks of the product of such idolization as something that "exhaust us- all and make us competitiors than sisters" (pg.17). She continues to assert that what we're missing in trying to be the "it girl" is the lack of recognition that we are God's "is girl." In other words, He has already told us what we are simply in our creation, and we can be assured that he intended those qualities for good. 

          So, why is it so difficult to value the amazing aspects of ourselves? Partly, it's because we're busy contemplating statements like, "But most people don't..." I think on my own response to that statement of what most people don't and what I do. Indeed, it feels as though I'm on the path less chosen for living life. I quickly fill in, "...but I do believe in homemaking as means of pursuing the reestablishment of value into home and family." I don't see it around me, but I believe it. "Most people don't but" I do. This section of the chapter really stunned me. I loved in the end when Holley wrote, "Most people don' an ark. Most people don't... lead people through the desert to the Promised Land. Most people don't... die on a cross to save the world." In that revelation of perspective my heart, endeavors, and self come to a new light of meaning- as God's "is girl."

        Finally, Holley speaks on how brokenness can be a contributor to our slanted view of self as  less than amazing. She argues, however, that in our brokenness we allow Christ to shine through. The story of our journey is His. If we were whole, then we'd have no need for Him. She quotes a beautiful passage written by Angie Smith of how our lives our brokenness can be used by Him. She writes, "I began to realize that this pitcher was my life, and every piece was part of the story that God had chosen to put together" (pg. 20). She continues as she tells of what God might be saying to her in saying, "... How do you think the world has seen me? If it wasn't for the cracks, I couldn't seep out the way I do. I chose the pitcher. I chose you, just as you are." To see through this perspective, for me, is a powerful one.

Tomorrow we'll look into Chapter 2. The video that goes along with this material also includes chapter 2, so I'll wait to post it with tomorrow's. 

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