Friday, October 21, 2011

Pray Even When He Already Knows

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"...for your father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him!" -Matthew 6:8

     This verse is referencing the notion of the words of a prayer qualifying it for God's response. We are instructed to not "babble on" because He already "knows exactly what you need." Is it then not a strange request to us to communicate what is already known? In writing this would be unnecessary repetition and sure to receive a bold red strike through. However, God is instructing us to do just that- tell Him what He already knows.

     When someone is telling us something we already know, do we not have to fight the tendency to think "yeah, yeah, yeah, get to the point (or the heart of the matter)." I feel like that is a little of what's happening here except God isn't asking for some thesis statement but for our hearts. This revelation of sorts is, in fact, beyond our words. In coming to Him I must humble myself and acknowledge who He is and who I am. He asks me to come to him in prayer repeatedly because in doing so I must offer my trust and devotion to Him- my heavenly Father. It isn't the eloquence of words when praying that is requested of me, but my heart.

In all things-- PRAY.

Father, forgive me when I assume too much of myself and by doing so neglect You. I thirst to be held by You, and for You to be the one I eagerly seek to bare my heart. Deepen my trust and reliance on you daily.

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  1. This is beautiful. Mind if I quote you on my blog?


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