Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Recipe Sharing & Fish Tacos

       I've been asked if I post on the blog some of the recipes we use at home. I'm typically hesitant to post full recipes as they're written and without alterations. I maintain and build my own notebook of favorite recipes through collecting and trying recipes from online or cookbook resources. Only after trying and really liking a recipe will I share it with others. Recipe sharing is a great way to be inspired and expand your selection for meals to provide for your family. Since I use many recipes verbatim, I am weary of running into copyright issues by posting the complete recipe on the blog. To my understanding a blog may only direct to the source of copyrighted information. It may not be a source in itself for that material without permission from the publisher. For instance, if you searched for a particular recipe you should only be able to find it in it's entirety from the source itself,  not a blog post (unless providing a link). When quoting an outside source you are expected to only use a portion of the material and is therefore acceptable. A recipe, on the other hand, can generally only be published as a whole. (You can publish photos or steps without the amounts of ingredients as this would be withholding the full content). Another analogy would be in quoting a book as part of a piece of writing. It is permissible to quote a small portion of text, whereas to relay an entire chapter or section would be in violation. So, this may be a fairly insignificant holding of mine and I'm sure many many recipes are republished on blogs without major action. For me, though, I must stick with my conscience and direct credit where credit is due. If anyone has additional information on this matter, I would be interested in learning more. Thanks!

        With that said, what I would like to do is to provide a link whenever possible to recipes that we have deemed "keepers" and worthy of adding to the recipe notebook. I'll just make a quick post with the links and any notes I have to add based on my experience with it. Sound good? Please feel free to share any of your own or link to others that you've enjoyed!

Recipe of the Day: Fish Tacos with Guacamole Sauce
       The recipe for the Fish Tacos tastes good and is a great way to get in more fish in the diet. It calls for halibut, but any white fish will work. My husband was not a fan of the guacamole sauce (made with yogurt of all things) included. Instead, we use another recipe for Guacamole Sauce to go with the tacos.
        I  tried making my own whole wheat tortillas for the meal. They were edible, but I'd still like to find a recipe that goes beyond edible to good. If you have a recipe for tortillas (whole wheat, half and half, or regular) I'm interested in finding a "keeper". Thanks!


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