Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Date Night

My husband and I enjoying the day in the nearby state park.

     It is easy to get so caught up in the routine of life that we can lose the excitement we experienced in the dating days. You know, the thrilling time spent planning or waiting for that lovely surprise you or your mate planned. The afternoons spent getting ready so that everything would be just right. Finally, the moment when nothing else mattered but that space of time together. Those dates were special, and they don't have to end simply because we have each other present more often now in marriage. I had been encouraged since the start of our marriage to maintain a date night once or twice a month. It's the difference between merely existing together and fully living in love with one another.
     The challenge, of course, is to find different and fun activities to do so. Maintaining date nights shouldn't break the bank, and thus become a stressor in themselves. The experience is so much more personal when we can be attentive to each other's personality and interests and create a date time around those qualities. Is there a favorite type of food or resturant? Perhaps recreate the mood and cuisine of that sort in the home. Is there a love for nature? Perhaps create a picnic, hike, or other outside escape. A date night could also be as simple as a bowl of popcorn and a movie. I do enjoy watching a movie together, but try to make sure this isn't all we're doing because watching a screen leaves little opportunity for us to interract. That is the point after all in order to build our marriage.There are numerous ways to capture the delight of love in a marriage. We simply must be attentive and work towards showing it.

    We spent the day last Saturday at the nearby state park. He loves getting to be outside and enjoy the activities nature has to offer. So, I surprised him with the day spent doing just that. I even surprised him by packing his favorite sandwich, a reuben. We ate our picnic lunch by the water watching the geese and enjoying the sunshine. Later, we explored the hiking trails. It was a rather simple plan for a date night/day, but I think this photo captures the joy of it all- a happy husband. God is so good in providing me this man, and I delight in doing all I can for him. :)


  1. That sounds like a fun date! I'm glad you shared. :)

  2. Simple dates are my favorite kind! I feel they allow us to interact more, not have to stress about money, and allow us to have more dates.

    1. Exactly! I like to remind us that we don't need a lot of fuss, we just need each other. :)


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