Sunday, August 17, 2014

Menu Plan: Summer (Aug. 17 - 23)

**There is now a photo album on the RH Facebook page just for food photos. If you like to see a photo of a dish to judge whether you want to try it or not, then follow the link to view the album. (I tend to like recipes & cookbooks that include lots of photos). Let's be honest, some dishes are just too pretty to not take a picture! ;) **

  • I picked up at a Crock-Pot cookbook last week. I've been wanting to have a meal ready for us as soon as we returned from church on Sundays. I've never really used our slow cooker for meals, and so hopefully this little book will give me some ideas for meals that I can prepare in it. We made philly cheesesteak sandwiches this week and they were pretty good! I think Sunday Crock-Pot lunch will be here to stay!
  • We didn't quite get to three meals last week, so they'll roll into this week. I've found it helpful to have at least one meal that has mostly pantry ingredients, so that it can roll over to the next week if need be.
  • We're expecting company next week, so we're trying to plan lighter for this week to make up for a higher grocery trip next week. It's all about balance :)


*Note: I include links to the recipes if they are available online. Some recipes are from cookbooks we have at home, and while I can't share the recipe I can direct you to the source. Other dishes or meals are created by myself or my husband, and we can do our best to explain how to recreate it. If you'd like additional information on any of the meals or our menu planning, then please feel free to contact me. :) 

- apple and walnut granola cereal
- strawberry & peach green smoothie
- broccoli & parmesan omelet, toast
- breakfast tacos (eggs, salsa and black beans in a multi-grain wrap)

- (leftover) philly cheesesteak sandwiches 
- [Sandwich] Tomato & provolone cheese sandwich, chips
-  (leftover) pizza
- [Salad] cucumber & black eye pea salad (I'm adding greens to make it a full salad)
- [Sandwich] BLT sandwiches
- Bean & rice burritos (black beans, rice, cheese, salsa, avocado)
next Sunday- [Crock-Pot] Sweet & sour shrimp with pineapple

- (Hubby's request) fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, cornbread
- leftover chicken meal
- (summer veggie plate) fried green tomatoes, tomatoes, turnip greens, black eye peas, corn, cornbread 
- Cheese quesadillas, chips & salsa
- [Pizza] Spinach and sun-dried tomato stuffed pizza (I'm going to use white beans instead of tofu) 

- apple and peanut butter
- popcorn
- snack bars
- yogurt with mixed berries

Grocery Shopping
- broccoli (fresh or frozen)
- bananas
- multigrain tortillas
- eggs
- milk
- coffee creamer
-tomato (slicing) x2-3
-green tomatoes
-provolone cheese
- avocado
- frozen snow peas
- canned pineapple chunks
- chicken bouillon
- ground ginger 
-turnip greens
-cheddar cheese
-tortillas chips
-snack bars

*Note: Reviving Homemaking is not affiliated with any of the sites or companies included in the links, and was not asked to include or recommend them or their recipes in this post. (I simply like what they have to offer!)

What's on your family's menu plan this week?

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