Sunday, August 19, 2012

Menu Plan: Summer (August 19-25)

-parfaits (yogurt, walnuts, strawberries, granola)
-omelet (eggs,diced bell peppers, diced onions, diced mushrooms), toast, fresh smoothie/juice
-granola cereal with dried berries, banana 
-oatmeal, strawberries, walnuts
-egg sandwich (egg, cheese, sausage, biscuit) 


-(Sun.- eat out with friends)
-Sausage Scalloped Potatoes, green beans
-Asian salad (mixed baby greens, (candied) walnuts, tomato, sesame seeds, avocado,mandarin oranges with  dijon vinaigrette dressing)
-Broccoli & Cheese Soup (Just like Panera Bread's! I'm subbing whole milk that I already have on hand 
to save from buying half-and-half)
-Sausage Scalloped Potatoes, green beans leftovers

-Pot Roast with carrots, potatoes, onions 
-Broccoli & Cheese Soup repeat
-Louisiana Catfish with okra and corn, grits (I'm using tilapia instead of catfish. I also add diced tomatoes to the corn and okra side) 
-Breakfast for dinner- french toast using cinnamon raisin bread
-Beef Sandwiches (shredded roast beef, homemade barbecue sauce, homemade bun), corn, zipper cream peas

-fruit (honeydew melon, plums, peaches, bananas)
-mixed seeds/nuts
-celery with peanut butter
-homemade cinnamon raisin bread
-homemade yogurt 

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