Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Question Friday!

1. Are you a napper?
      If I'm completely exhausted, then I will opt for a cat nap out of necessity. If still functional though sleep deprived, then I'll keep going. Attempting a nap when not absolutely necessary will often leave me laying in bed thinking (which when any bit sleep deprived is not a good thing haha). I also tend to dream more during naps, so best not to go there either. 

2. What was your favorite subject in school? Most hated?
     I loved science. Well, I loved science until I got to the upper levels in college. Then, not so much. I still enjoy the functional aspect of science which answers that never quenced question of "why?" Currently, I love learning science as it is applied in the culinary realm. Learning the properties of ingredients and how they react with others throughout the cooking process just thrills me (yep, nerd alert. haha). 
    My least favorite subject has always been history. It just never tickled my fancy and stuck when having to memorize all those dates and names. I acknowledge the importance of learning history and the impact applying such knowledge can have on the future. But I advise that I not be included in any trivia game involving this subject . You will lose. haha

3. Did you have the something old, new, borrowed and blue at your wedding? What were they?
     Hubby and I did a getaway wedding with just the two of us. There wasn't a whole lot of ceremony, tradition, or fuss, which is part of what we wanted. Consequently, the whole "something old, new, and blue" was skipped. I haven't missed having a big event or all those details too much. In the end, we're married! :)

4. What one thing are you determined to do this summer?
     I'm working on being more diligent regarding regular posts on the blog and adding many more items to the Etsy shop. I really enjoy finally getting to let the creative kid in me out and connecting with others on a similar path. I could do this any time though. I suppose when school breaks are no longer (or yet to be) a part of life, establishing summer plans or goals just gets washed into daily life throughout the year. I still make goals with deadlines for myself though. haha

5. Ice cream or Popsicles?
     Ice cream! There is no other choice. Love ice cream. I have a few fun ideas floating in my head of fun flavors and ingredients to try out with our home ice cream maker. I could eat ice cream daily and not get bored of it. I blame my bowl-of-ice-cream-before-bed upbringing, but I'm not complaining! haha

How would you answer today's Five Question Friday? Share in the comment section below!

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  1. I always enjoy these posts! I guess it's my natural curiosity that is always piqued.

    1. I try not to nap, because they always seem to last too long and then I can't get to sleep as well later.

    2. My favorite was always art. I always had fun creating things, or learning new techniques. My most hated was math. I am not good at math, math and I just do not get along!

    3. This is horrible, but I can't totally remember. I know I had something borrowed, and new, and so I'm sure I had something old and blue! I know I also had a penny in my shoe. Such odd traditions! At the end of the day, I was just glad to be married, and honestly could have had a much smaller wedding.

    4. Get myself together! I feel very disorganized and goaless. I want to make sure I'm keeping up with my housekeeping goals, and in addition make sure I am blogging consistently and being a more active blogger.

    5. Ice cream! I just don't like popsicles, and I swear some make my throat hurt.

    1. Oh, glad to know these little posts are enjoyed! Thanks for participating! I hadn't heard of the penny in the shoe tradition (but that could be because I skipped all traditions haha). Is that to walk with luck or something? I can understand what you're saying about feeling disorganized and goal-less. I seriously have to keep lists and charts on everything to keep me on task and moving forward! haha. :)

  2. I also enjoy reading these! I don't always comment, though, so here goes!

    1. Unless my eyes literally won't stay open (or if I'm sick or have a migraine), I try to avoid naps. I always feel even more tired when I wake up & I tend to hit "snooze" repeatedly :)

    2. I enjoyed history & any class that allowed me to be creative (and oddly enough I LOVED environmental & occupational health in college) but I hated math, chemistry & biology. Basically anything involving numbers or cutting things open!

    3. Something old & borrowed: hair clips that belonged to my great-grandma, New: dress, veil, shoes & jewelry my great aunt made me, Blue: the ribbon wrapped around my bouquet. I also had a penny in my shoe. Actually, I have worn those shoes since my wedding & the penny is still taped inside! :)

    4. Go to the beach, sew 2 skirts & experience 1 fun new thing in my state each month!

    5. Ice cream!! I will eat a popsicle, but ever since my mouth froze to one when I was a kid, they kinda scare me!

    1. Thanks for participating as well, Heather! Yes, sickness of any kind will immediately put me in bed (and in that state I don't have to argue). How neat to have items that were handmade by others for your wedding! I'm obviously a big fan of homemade items. Sewing is on my list as well. I actually seem to always have a sewing project on my list! :)

    2. Yes, having friends & family make things for our day was extra special! My great aunt also made the necklaces for my bridesmaids & the serving platter and utensils for our cake. My mom designed the centerpieces & my grandma helped her put them together. And my best friend since first grade did the lettering on our bride & groom aprons (since we had the Chick-Fil-A cow as our best man, my Sweetie thought the cow/farm aprons we found at the dollar store would be great for eating dinner - BBQ - and cutting the cake) ~ we had a lot of fun!! :)

      I have many many sewing projects on my list! The trouble? I haven't sewed since middle school, have never fired up my machine & am a little scared to try lol! The projects you share on your blog & in your store look great! :)

  3. 1. I love naps! I don't take them everyday, but quite often. Sunday afternoons are the best though!
    2. My favorite subject was reading, of course by high school there isn't really a reading class. English was my least favorite, my poor grammar/spelling skills still reflect that. I love to write but not properly. :)
    3. Like you, Chad and I went off just the two of us to get married. I did have something old, bought my wedding dress at an antique store, I think that was the only one of the three I hit!
    4. My girls are getting older, and this may be the last year they are all home together. My oldest Meghan is home from college but next year is thinking about staying year round. Katie is 16 and Lauren is almost 14, so my goal is to enjoy one last year of them all here.
    5. Ice cream! Homemade with whipped cream, cherries and chocolate! I'm in love with the chick-fil-a mini sundae! It's .99 and very small but knocks my sweet tooth out!

    This was fun!

    1. Thanks for participating as well, Jenny! I hated reading class growing up, but interestingly reading is one of my favorite activities now. haha. Writing has always been enjoyable but very taxing as I am such a perfectionist in this area. I'm working on practice makes..ease? hah. $0.99 ice creams?! Oh dear, that could be dangerous! I have such the sweet tooth..well, make that teeth! :)


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