Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jewerly Board

     I institued this jewerly organizer into my decor years ago when I had to come up with solutions for dorm room space, yet here I am several years later and beyond the dorm days and I've just hung it on the wall in our latest home. haha, I guess it's a "design" keeper. It's not the fanciest thing, but man, is it functional! It certainly holds more "fashion jewerly" than a dainty jewerly box. Plus, it's up off the surface of my dresser or countertops (I'm a fanatic for surfaces being clear).
     To make the organizer, you simply need a cork board and push pins. I prefer to paint the edge so that it looks more like it's framed. I also painted the center to match the bathroom towels and give it some contrast to the white walls. I really like having the shelf underneath to hold the earring stand (which I also painted), so that everything stays together. If space for one larger board is limited, then I've considered using two to three (one for rings, necklaces, bracelets etc) smaller cork boards. 
      These make wonderful gifts to young girls! I've given one for my niece and second cousin. I included a book on making bracelets and some string with one. For both of them I attached a small mirror on one side and painted their names underneath. I think having the name painted on makes it a bit more special for them. I also used funky push pins on theirs whereas for mine I prefer clear ones.  

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